Meeting Notes 2013-09-11

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Attendance / Icebreaker

  • Icebreaker: How do you avoid huge ships?

Max (dream about crashing), Marina (don't be an ice berg), Matt (don't go on the ocean or subscribe to oceancraft), Liberty (avoids metaphoric ships, but , Micheal (ships avoid him) , Mike (call on dolphins for help), Ryan (being agile), Anthony (living in a hot air balloon), Sam (plays chicken). Chris (Stay out the water), Adam (just release an update) Natasha (doesn't), David Keenan (Stay on watch), Danny (being meticulous)

Announcements (Consent Agenda)

  • Check the Sudo Room Calendar for the next week's events, and major monthly events:

Other announcements:


Matt to talk to Marc. Positively no time travelling. Adam

Old Action Items:

  • Membership/bylaw/access hacking
  • 1. Research tax structures [1] 2. [...] 3. Non-Profit! [Danny, Brendan] plus
    • No. WTF? Does anyone want to do this? Nah.
    • Chris recommends talking to Tides Center
    • Experience from the bike hut, even wingnuts get money! $50,000?
  • We need someone to reboot the radio room
    • Needs a mac
    • Thursday night, Adam, Marina, Chris, + moar ppl!!!
  • Announce bitcoin wallet address and post to site (jenny !@ juul)
  • Blitz on possible spaces with new funding strategy [Matt]
  • Liberty to email list and advocate for a "frist friday force"


  • Add robots.txt for sudo room (open item for anyone to take on)
  • [Postponed until necessary] Eddan - Reference letter from George
  • git-ify & flow-diagram-ify our articles of association - Brendan
  • Add calendar to Infobot's screensaver [Max]
  • Library - until RPS
  • Catalog - Max

New Action Items

Fiscal Solvency

In this section we review our current financial situation and budget, approve monthly budgets, and discuss any other finance-related issues.

Current balance (Wed Sept. 11): $857.43

  • Sudo Mate makes $50 a batch.
    • how often do batches happen?

Amendments to the Articles of Association

Conflict Resolution

"Harvey" was banned from Noisebridge this week. And he lives in Oakland.

Discussion Spillover

  • Action Item: Become a California Non-profit Corporation - Brendan proposes this for discussion meeting on August 21st and August 28th. This is to be followed by the August 31st Today I Learned session on hacking the articles of association.
  • Sudo room is currently a "membership association", by virtue of case law and the first ammendment.
  • Adam its important both to be nonprofit, but also to ask for nonprofit
  • Danny think about impact before money
  • One umbrella nonprofit to lease space to sudo, counter culture labs, public school.
  • Membership changes
    • Follow-up from discussion weeks ago