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Attendance / Icebreaker

  • Icebreaker: Your favourite word that has a difference in technical and nontechnical meanings. (And use it in a punny sentence) E.g. Pixelated. Sprite. Logs. Mouse.

Present: Marc (sink), Shake, Kerrie, Hol, Matt, Vian, Vicky, Jordan (word), Chris, Timon (boink), Brendan (bash), Jenny, Max (circuitous), April (happily, "if you google 'is google evil, are the answers cursed or recursed"?

1. Announcements

   New space proposal - 4799 Shattuck [see map, proposal]
   Budget between Sudo, Bay Area Public School, Counter Culture Labs & Timeless, Infinite Light: $11,500/month
   Building & fire insurance - $6k/yr
   Models to look at: AS220 in Providence RI
   Overwhelming majority of those present willing to put time into a collective crowdfunding campaign
   Oakland Planning Code:
   Nominations for Board of Directors:
   Accepted: Max, Jenny, Naomi, Anca, Hol, Vicky [tentative], Marc, Matt
   Declined: Jordan, Kerrie, Anthony
   Nominated: Rhodey, Marina, Liberty, JC, Len, Romy, Ryan B, Julio, Vian, Shake, Mitch, Brendan, Troy, Eddan, Morten
   We'll likely need D&O [Directors & Officers] insurance as well as General Liability Insurance
   Officers needed: Treasurer/Exchequer, Secretary, Director(?)
   Proposed regular turnover (every year or every 6 months)
   Notes on Insurance:
   SELC Free Legal Cafe - Wednesday, Nov. 6th from 4:30-7:30pm [1234 23rd Ave @ LOL] - send questions on incorporation and board membership to Vicky if you can't attend in person!

2. Articles of Incorporation

   What's required of a board member?
   London Hack Space uses instead of board meetings.
   Use terminology "Board of Trustees"
   "Although some trustees are also very active members of the community, it isn't the trustees' duty to handle day-to-day running of the space. This is handled by members themselves."
   Trustees are responsible for:
   Making sure that the organisation is operating in accordance with its goals.
   Ensuring that the organisation is financially healthy.
   Setting the constitution and rules of the space, in consultation with the members.
   Formally warning and banning members in accordance with the Grievance Procedure.
   Consensus on incorporating
   1 week to consensus on the Board of Directors! Accept or block via the mailing list.

3. Finances

   total in bank: $1021.37
   total deposited by me today: $226.00
   total deposited by you today: $320.0
   Grand total for today: $1341.37

   Owed to landlords: $1661.50 
   Need minimum: $500
   Total need: 2121.50

   Difference to raise: 820.13

   options, (a)we may soon have two bitcoins we can  cash
   (b) we can have a party - leon can dj - who has equipment? JC has some things
   (c) we have emailed the list

   It's our birthday! One year since we voted to move into this space :D


Oct 31:

   *people likely already have plans
   *existing meetups in the space

Nov 1:

   *Is First Friday, eet ees purrrfect
   * "Join sudo for a birthday /bin/BASH!"
   * "Halloween Monster /bin/BASH--it'll be a /dev/null smash!"
   * first friday | /bin/BASH


   sudo birthday
   max makes announcement 
   vian draws a picture
   jenny will promote on fb / twitter / reddit [/r/Bitcoin, /r/Oakland, /r/hackerspaces] / mailing lists
   Shake will MC ask for moneys :D
   **programming instruction
   **time with sudo celebs
   **4 hour microcontroller workshop with Brendan
   **yurt-top yoga w/ max
   **forge w/ morten in the metalshop
   *Bake Sale
   *leon dj cyberpunk 
   *Liquid Nitrogen ice cream? (max has emaild ray)
   *Sudo Mate!
   *prize for hackeriest costume
   *readings w/ femalefaust
   we will resist the temptation to call it a "bitmasquerade"
   try to have promotional materials going viral by peak facebook thursday (afternoon)
   print small flyers by friday night, have sudoers in costumes handing them out during art murmur
   flyers should have:
   directions ("behind the cars")
   who we are
   time/purpose of party
   don't say the word fundraiser

5. After- Meeting Teamups

   Party plannings!

6. Action Items

   Banking / Credit Unions -- add research
   Brendan will research potential of loans from Credit Unions [eg; former People's Credit Union] (division of
   Get an account at Patelco or some other credit union; Set up a goal on Crowdtilt; Internet Credit Union ( )

7. Additional Notes

   this site is the housing/food co-op that brendan was a member of the board at:
   this is a great organization that seems to sesonate with the  structure of the shared space we spoke of. I think we could benefit by reaching out to organizations like this to get tips, or even just stories from more experienced folks.