Meeting Notes 2014-04-09

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Icebreaker: What is the best excuse for missing the sudo meetings? (and how would you like to conduct this informal meeting)


  • Fixing the heartbleed (openvpn, openssl, sysadmin stuff)
  • asynchronous informal meeting - discuss, add, comment on announcments and such


  • worst: being too late
  • best: saving the future, unable to walk
  • votes asynchonously as well


  • getting a burrito
  • Would like to propose endorsement of Earth Day/May Day


  • No excuses
  • play by ear


  • Fix (irc on site)
  • Clean up network wiring, and upgrade to new Cisco switch (who has worked with it in past?), Daniel volunteers help
  • Taxes?
    • email to nobawc. selc. hire someone
    • send email seeking accuntancy consultation[max]
  • Renew lease & get Eddan off it [???]
    • Laurie needs to give us the lease to sign
  • waiting for debit card:
    • transfer our internet, host a tor node
    • Stripe [jenny]
    • free Rackspace hosting? <-- backchannel ftw
    • still "in the mail"??? it's been even more weeks!
  • Technical to-dos:
    • fix calendar (zombie event imports & correct facebook prefix)
    • Move SeltzerCRM install to
    • Add function for door code integration in Seltzer (jenny awaiting code already written for an east coast hackerspace)
  • set up venmo [liberty?]
  • put a blurb in Slingshot magazine, contact Hayley
    • marc to ping Hayley, deadline is Apr 2. that is today!



  • Sudo Room meetings are important!
    • Facilitators in advance
    • Train people in meeting procedure
    • Agenda/meeting on the mailing list or website as a failsafe (could just use pad with public url)
    • Enticements - flexible schedule, food, drink

Consensus Items

banning google glass

  • small (informal) consensus: Treat it like a video camera, can block lens, not point at people, or acquire consent