Meeting Notes 2014-04-30

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Facilitator: Jenny


Icebreaker question #1: Shit George says: Go!

Icebreaker question #2: What's one tool or workshop area you'd like to see in the future space?

  • Jordan: mr. fusion
  • Jake: circuitboard making!
  • Alan: packet-sniffing workshop to figure out who's making our internet so slow; DNA sequencing lab
  • Jenny: server room for sudo mesh + rooftop food forest. Wants a mate station at the new sudo room.
  • Elliot: "ahh the bugs! you assaulted me!" "You've got two minutes to get out of here before I fog this place!"
  • Patrik: genetically-engineered bamboo forest on the roof -no...GMOS are dangerous (and self-replicating (like fire (fire bad!))).Edible food forest. Twinkles...
    • i trust chemists more than i trust cows! twinkles
  • Ahnon: interpretive science dance (collab w/ dancers + ccl!)
  • Matt: community-accessible programming; a bomb that blows up the internet and makes us talk to each other again
    • metaphorically speaking
  • Johannes: - flotation tanks
  • Tom: metalworking tools
  • Rock: fleet of community bikes that are reliable and maintained <-- YEAH!
  • Jeremy: new member onboarding,
  • Marc: decent music setup / radio room
  • matt h: how to spot scientific fraud. bamboo++
  • Matt s: efficient input/output system
  • Louis: fuck y'all i'm on vacation. Leaving mold to be DNA sequenced.
  • Anthony: i'm anthony
  • david: soldering / desoldering station; clean place to work
  • dunce: I like hip hop and video games and I would like to make a hip-hop video game.
  • sally: She likes graphic design and would like a fabric workshop, so people can work on clothing and stuff like that


  • Rock offers his SUV for moving
  • Status of soup = Eat me!

New Members (5 minutes max)

Potential members can ask for an excepton from contributing membership dues based on refusal to participate in the monetary system or financial hardship. One must request this exception, with an explanation, at a sudo room meeting. There is no rule about work-trade, but sudo room does support and depend on members, potential members, and our wider community to contribute in non-monetary ways--and it is an explicit goal to encourage this, as outlined in the Articles of Association.

  • enabling them? with orientation?

Consensus Items

  • Move to Omni. All signs point to yes!
    • Sudo has committed to $2,000/month rent + utilities. This is slightly more than what we're paying now
    • First, Last & Deposit: $6,000
    • Move-in Date: June 1
    • Next meeting: Tomorrow (Thursday), 6:30pm (new folks orientation), 7pm @ sudo


Very very lengthy multi-hour discussion section excerpted

Consensus voting

  • Sudoroom should move to the Omni
    • YAY (13) - ABSTAIN (2) - NO (0)
  • Sudoroom will contribute its deposit to the Omni Collective tomorrow (Thursday)
    • YAY (12) - ABSTAIN (0) - NO (0)