Meeting Notes 2014-07-09

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Tim, Arnas, Logan, Lawrence, Daniel, Jeremy, Francisco, Ed, Yar, Camile

Tim: interested in programming and a place to code Daniel: helps with little things here and there Lawrence: interested in building a database of garden workers


Francisco: There's a farmer's market on Tuesdays at the Children's Hospital from 1:30pm to 6pm and Destiny Yards on Saturday 9:30am to 2:30pm Daniel post desks on CL: But, they also are available to Sudo-Onmi members.


Arnas: Proposed giving the project managment platform for Arnas: Question about the status of the door lock Jeremy: Its still broken

Jeremy: Proposed no "naps" during quiet hours Daniel: To bring these ideas to the omni meeting about how to regulate this issue

Daniel: The People's Open Network may want to put a server in the space, we should decide on what to do with that server. He is concerned about the heat and the servers that we put in the space. The heat potentially destroyed the other motherboard for the fileserver. Make an agenda item for next week.

Arnas: Based on the list discussion, we should request to have the server somewhere else.

New Members

Tim is interested, wants to come in the following weeks