Meeting Notes 2014-10-22

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sudoroom meeting october 22, 2014


ice breaker question: what is the worst superpower?

  • jonathan. stopping time. it would get so slow.
  • alex. self-paralysis.
  • hol. midas touch
  • korl. being able to control other peoples' boogers / manifest athlete's foot
  • timothy. being supernaturally attractive to mosquitos
  • april. super dissuasive
  • ben. speed eating
  • brian. telepathy.
  • yar. all of them because i'd feel obligated to use them all day long, and then i'd have no time to take care of myself.
  • scott. incredibly potent sense of smell.
  • matt. ones you can only use while you're dreaming. because everyone already has them.
  • caitlin. being visible. is that a superpower?


  • friday movie night! internet's own boy, and hackers. april will be there to explain the law. homemade amazing popcorn.
  • yar is taking an extended break from 3d tuesday. trying to do self-care better. will still teach by scheduled appointment. thanks.
    • remember to get it removed from villagecraft as well
  • group looking to host a space hackathon Nov 7-9, looking for feedback on if OK to offer sudo/ccl space that weekend for ~50 ppl -hol
    • iirc they don't take money from defense contractors. just from intel and uc?
  • Space Defragmentation (Sudo Defrag) -- see below ;)

New Members


  • why? been coming a while, ppl keep saying i should be a member. involved with mesh, would like to use sudo more!
  • what hack? mesh! hardware!
  • what share? math! networking! linux! ancient greek! damn hellenists.
  • values? not clear but so far like & agree
  • "place on 22nd with horrible landlord"
  • never banned, not a cop, 23
  • could try to lend a hand with organizing and cleaning. maybe.
  • favorite color: used to be blue. until he wore this bright blue shirt.
  • what is your quest? to find the quest.
  • favorite app? appless.
  • favorite MMORPG? doesn't do that.
  • some jokes about games or something that the notetaker doesn't understand.
  • he wants access

Darn! its tougher to become a sudo member nowadays! :) (Daniel)

Newbie Night

  • ben will have done it today
  • Whoever hosts is responsible for: 1) adding event to the calendar, 2) posting to sudo-discuss and otherwise promoting, 3) showing up! and 4) answering the door, giving tours, and otherwise being friendly and answering questions. 5) have a planned activity ready to avoid awkwardness

newbie night isn't working. nobody wants to do it, nobody advertises, nobody shows up. not in the past month anyway.

  • long discussion about what to do.
  • people who do all events should have more of an outreach component
  • biweekly/semimonthly is a little more sustainable
  • maybe a class on basic soldering like the tv-b-gone class
  • running electricity as a class?
  • there is an omni facebook account now, though, which means we can promote newbie night more easily via facebook - as a static event
  • brendan did a class for building arduino-controlled lamps. stupid father electrocuted himself.
  • hol: once-a-month open hardware night?
  • timothy offers to consistently run a newbie night


  • Internet Credit Union account: $4,531.64
  • Community Bank of the Bay Account: (probably ~ $1000...) <-- matt got locked out of his account, d'oh
  • $505.03/wk on Gratipay
  • $700/wk would probably put us in the black. $1000/wk would be long term sustainable.
  • we need to replenish our standing funds!
  • we need to work on our space, run more electrical work, build out
  • we pay $2000 in fixed monthly payments to omni ("rent" but not rent)
  • we pay a few hundred in shared expenses


uncertain -living is #1 risk factor associated with dying -know the facts -the horrible and the miserable -inevitable -unhealthy -i literally died -great, now there's a zombie on the pad - mmmmm, graaaaaiiins -vegan zombie


"Board to Death & Taxes Potluck"


Sudoroom as Commons

  • yar proposes we create an "inner rectangle" within sudoroom that is kept clean enough to be multi-purpose, and offer it as schedulable commons to other omni groups. it would be adjacent to CCL, with the hope that CCL will reciprocate and create a complimentary rectangle. Then the whole center of the bocce ball court could be a large schedulable common area!
    • -1 (didn't read "schedulable commons to other omni groups")
    • concern about sound w/ all meeting tables together between sudo and ccl
    • additional overhead in scheduling to use the space, mailing lists, forms, meetings, conflicts
    • sudo room already is open access
    • good way to show sudo room's commitment to maintaining commons
    • possible for public school etc to have classes in sudo room
    • the Media Lab inherently allows for public/intercollective events take place within sudo - especially events/classes which require or could be enhanced by the use of computers/large screen tv


What: Sudo Room needs some serious re-organizing. We cannot wait any longer, all hands on deck for a defragmentation session! I do not think it is feasible nor wise to spend too much energy organizing sudo without acquiring organizational furniture When: ? How: Gather ideas at meetings and on email list, upon arrival finalize the first iteration of tasks and reorganization. Hack all day, tidy up by the end of the day, with enough time to relax and recapitulate, leaving feedback for the next iteration to follow soon. Report back to next meeting. Why: Great for sudo room, omni, firecode, safety, security, accessibility, etc. Opportunity for outreach, engaging new members, bringing in prospective membership.


Spend 10 minutes during the meeting brainstorming ideas for doing this. Seriously.


commons wg proposal

  • 11/11 yes. unanimous consent

backspace proposal

ambiguous yes vs abstain. timothy will figure it out.

$1k soundproofing

11/11 unanimous yes.

Consensus Items

  • can we host space hackathon? came up last Thurs so not time for 1-week notice. hoping to get a go/no go this week since time is soon. -hol

Conflict Resolution

Action Items

  • take in the omni trash
  • let alice in the building to donate fridge compressor