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This is a planning document for the upcoming Sudo Room Board meeting.

Please RSVP for the meeting here:


potential: Vicky, April, Yar, Whitney, Jenny, Anca, Matt, Hol, Julio, Scott actual: julio, cere, anca, yar, hol, max, vicky, scott, brendan, april, matt, marc official board members here: julio, hol, max, vicky, matt, anca, marc quorum: 7. JUST BARELY.

Next Meeting

  • Next Year's Meeting will be on: 2015-10-20. October the twentieth in two thousand fifteen in the year of our lord, common era.
  • date -d 'Tuesday, October 20, 2015 7:00 PM PDT'
  • 1445392800
  • Max will schedule email


  • Create an action plan and deadline to complete our 501(c)(3) application.
  • Whitney, Vicky and April will bottom-line this. Julio is on stand-by.
  • Since our 501(c)(3) form has not been completed, we need to fill out state form 3500 to convince California not to levy state taxes for last year (2013).

State Tax things

  • Due Nov. 7.
  • Matt, Julio and Hol will bottom line it and working on it tonight.


  • did we file this last year?

New Treasurer

Find a new Treasurer to replace Max. General Responsibilities:

  1. be responsible for filing yearly taxes,
  2. deposit misc. funds into the bank account
  3. give out misc money that sudo room approves
  4. report to sudo room the state of finances.

Also, Fundraising:

  • Additionally, since Sudo Room is once again receiving less income each month than expenditure, a good Treasurer would have some fundraising ideas, and/or want to execute other's ideas.

Who wants to do it?

  • We're pretty sure treasurer is liable for all sudo's debts, and also omni's debts since we're a signatory on the omni lease. But not 100% sure. Also, people are saying if we get 501c3 that won't be an issue.
  • Do we have a transparent sheet listing where all the money goes? Not really but we can mine the meeting notes. It's pretty much just omni shared expenses + internet.
  • Anca's done stuff before. Mentions quickbooks.
  • Matt points out membership roles: exchequer. separate from the state-mandated role. they should be doing the work.
  • To be very clear, our values don't call for a powerful treasurer position. This is just something the state requires us to do. We will absolutely limit their power and responsibility to that and only that.
  • Vicky and Scott are both interested.
  • Vicky wonders whether she's even a member anymore. But you don't have to be a member to be on the board.
  • lots and lots of debate over sudoroom's debt and hypothetical disaster scenarios
  • yet another tangent about dvorak keyboards
  • shouldn't we figure out general board membership first?
  • lots of confusion over our bylaws. we need to read them in full again. they were just copied from noisebridge.
  • you have to go to one meeting a year. that's really the bare minimum.
  • apparently california also requires from a 501c3: president, secretary, CEO, Treasurer and/or CFO
  • marc is willing to do it
  • unanimous vote of present board members, plus jenny remotely: Marc Juul is our new treasurer, replacing Max Klein.

Voted 7-0 in favour of Making Marc Juul new Treasurer

New People

Discuss refreshing the Board with a new set of members.

  • Update Board page on the wiki:
  • who wants to be on the board this year? raise your hand: vicky, scott, anca, julio, matt
  • are we keeping the other folks?
  • einstein could be chairdog
  • last time everybody was nominated
  • april wants to do it
  • We'll put another round of nominations to the mailing list

Address Change

We have to notify California that our address has changed. We're no longer at 2141 Broadway...

Meeting Notes

discussion about board members and role of the members. Who should be a member?

A third working group (Matt and Vicky and)

Write a description fro board memebers for treasurer, then blast the list and announce for a timeline for nominating new board members, and timeline for voting on them then april will make an announcement at the general meeting this week


what was your favorite thing about this meeting?

  • scott laughing at his jokes
  • seeing all of you here!
  • efficient. sudo meetings are getting shorter.
  • low-key. and fixing my IDE.
  • wine club. and everyone here.
  • they already did everything when i got here
  • chips & guac
  • that we don't know what the hell we're doing
  • the we accomplished our purpose - find a new treasurer
  • that we had quorum, and that our next meeting is on Tuesday October 20th 2015