Meeting Notes 2014-11-12

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sudoroom mtg Nov 12, 2014


  • Jenny, Juan, Marc, Steve, Corey, Brendan, Jake


  • Juan emptied the trash. Thanks Juan!
  • You're welcome

Discussion on Chris B

  • He's back.
  • He is not at this meeting, though he is currently in the building.
  • Several folks express discomfort with this. He should be engaging with the community about his return, and engaging in a conflict resolution process (Liz is mediator)
  • We don't have quorum, so can't make any decisions about it collectively, anyway.
  • Everyone should encourage one more person to come next week as per discussion about Chris :D

Order things for Mitch to bring back from China?

Omni Proposals

  • We do not have quorum to consense. There are two consensus proposals on the agenda for tomorrow's Omni meeting:

11.6.14 Proposal from Niki: Regarding New Member Collectives and Tenants

  • All new member collectives and tenants must speak with either the Finance Committee or How We Organize (can HWO confirm whether or not they agreed to take on overseeing new member/tenant subleases?) to ensure that the terms of their sublease are understood *before* they are offically voted in / pay rent.
  • Reasoning behind this proposal: Several new tenants were not aware they they needed insurance or had to pay last month's rent and deposit!
    • Cool. (Non-binding "cool" as we lack quorum)

11.11/14 Bay Area Public School interim space proposal

  • BAPS proposes to steward two rooms—the old TIL office, and, in coordiantion with Icarus, the ticket booth room — for BAPS classes as well as other, shared uses TBD. The immediate future of the basement library is uncertain (since improvements by OMP are scheduled to begin), so we’re looking for new places to convene. We intend for these rooms to be freely accessible, and never locked. We intend to work to improve and maintain them, including setting up chalk/whiteboards, permanent furniture and tables and comfortable lighting. We intend to facilitate the sharing of these spaces when not scheduled for use by classes. We’d like to take over (from the Booking Committee) coordinating with community groups who request to hold meetings (as opposed to public events, private parties, etc.) at the Omni, and find them space (In these rooms or elsewhere ), post it to the calendar, etc., in the interest of mutual aid and as an experiment of what it might mean to "steward" a commons. As the online calendar evolves , we want to make our class schedule highly visible and accessible to all, specifying what rooms we’ll be occupying, both for class participants as well as others who might make use of the spaces in between classes. Our intention is not to permanently designate space/s for BAPS, but to provide BAPS classes with some consistency and reliability as far as location in the present interim, particularly while we have yet to establish an Omni-wide reservation system and building map.
    • Cool.


  • Internet Credit Union: $3,701.26
  • CBotB: ~$1K
  • Gratipay: $485.43/week
    • To cover all costs via Gratipay, this number should be at $600/week. Please contribute!