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sudoroom mtg - Jan 07, 2015 Sudoroom, 7pm, every Weds. Bring yo couch!


Facilitator: Korl Note Taker: Juul Ice-breaker question: there was none. the ice remains fully intact. Aw, poo. Attendees:

  • David (repairs machines that run infrastructure for big online services)
  • Danny (first time here, excited, new to maker/hacker world, lots of exp in cooperatives)
  • Rayc (hacks stuff, currently hacking on the laser cutter)
  • Camille (likes to make thing related to their cat)
  • Colin (25, moved here from chicago, was a member of pumping station 1 for 4 years, really interested in cnc/3d printing/laser cutter, is learning programming)
  • Hol (been around for a while, likes to work on rockets and the bathroom)
  • Korl (likes modded things: rooting, jailbreaking, dual-booting, likes building and not learning autocad, likes cats)
  • Jordan (hopefully be a new member, friend of Korls. From oakland but lives in sonoma county, thinks what we're doing is cool, not big techie)
  • Ed (messing around with puters for long itme, been activist for long time, worked as journalist for kpfa, ferment hacker consciousnes)
  • Jeremy (software engineer, hacker, interested in crypto, increasingly distrusts things like Tor)
  • Allison (been involved with a bunch of data journalist projects, mostly research and data entry, has been self-teaching programming, looking to get more into community)
  • Noel (wants to extend thanks for the soup and wants to start eating it)
  • Matt (<explains ingredients of soup that he made>)
  • Juul (works on the mesh network, and on counter culture labs stuff. arm chips = alternative os for ebook readers. has been teaching themselves as he goes. also learning more about jailbreaking, because they need it!)
  • Ryan (really into disability-hackin, open source programming, working on e-waste jewellery project)
  • Dave (moved here from NYC, was involved with alpha one labs and nerd nite, likes to build interactive art with electronics, making full-size robot cockpit where two people play together, is video editor and has done some science programming)
  • Megan (new to area, moved from buffalo, is software engineer, also some experience with arduino and 3d printing, lived in a coop and had good experience)
  • Sam (was around the old sudo room, looking to spend more time at sudo, into development and syntax-directed programming, worked on nanoparticle stuff, into developer ergonomics)
  • Brendan (born in oakland, very familiar with area, heavily into music production and conspiracy awareness)
  • Shake (likes to break stuff and put it back together, recently ran for major, of oakland, did pretty well, interested in media and getting the message out, we need a better delivery system for our messages, is here to help with media production)
  • Cere (immediately left upon learning that the CCL event wasn't canceled but just in the basement)

New Members

  • Ed
  • Jordan
  • Camille aka Camel
  • Shake aka Shake9169
  • Colin
  • Brandon aka Don Scott
  • Rayc
  • Danny
  • Sam
  • David T
  • Megan
  • David - — current project:
  • Ryan/deilann/
  • Alison
  • Jeremy


Sudo or Omni related announcements.

  • Omni Fundraising campaign update:
    • Actual Total: $66,151
      • Goal: $80,000
      • Visible Total: $26,151
      • Actual Difference: $13,849
    • Topics to be discussed with wider omni community and the weekly delegates meeting tomorrow (thurs)
      • New Perks
      • New Incentive (interactive interface to campaign video)


  • $502.68 / week on Gratipay
  • $2,357.59 in the Internet Credit Union account
  • $ worth of bitcoin.
  • ~$900 in Community Bank of the Bay account
  • Total: ~$3,257.59
  • Have we paid rent?

Yes, and utilities.


The last two weeks!


    • Teddy Bear - Shake
  • Propose that we have a large size Teddy Bear that can be grasped on a case-by-case basis for the purpose of identifying individuals who are exhausted from hacking and need to hibernate on a temporary basis. Grasping of, snuggling with, or otherwise utilizing the Teddy Bear shall be limited to one night per month unless authorized at a prior sudo room general meeting.

Disability hack night

Action Items

Sudo ToDo

Delegate's Agenda Items

Delegate: Jenny

  • Lock back door [Sean]
  • Omni Office (Bunker / Cave Room / Ballroom Office) designate for common office (sensitive storage for documents, valuables, etc) [Niki]
  • Backspace Membership Proposal [?]