Meeting Notes 2015-01-14

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sudoroom mtg - Jan 14, 2015 Sudoroom, 7pm, every Weds. Bring yo couch!


Facilitator: Juul Note Taker: Ryan and Juul

Attendees: marc/juul: david (keenan): involved for a couple of years. Interest in cryptography and surveillance. Interested in using skills and tools from sudo for omni. ed: new since last week. biggest project right now has to do with news: working out ways for people to do their own news and bypass the commercial media. make it more accessible to people. ryan: work on a variety of different things, like programming projects, breaking things, mobility hacking devan: first time here, software mostly, interested in privacy and anonymity; conner: member since december, break things and fix them. james/substack: i do a lot of javascript. right now i've been doing brought some of the students. rayc: likes hacking on infrastructure and making things better, loves hacker ethics, open access, access to tools, expanding from computers to more aaron: new, been doing stuff at home, but likes taking things apart and fixing, doing an eBike scott: participating in cyber wizard institute, besides computer, been a part of electronic music scene since a teenager, not really here for the meeting samir: works as a software engineer, dabbles in hardware (broken!), first time here null (noel?): do a lot of programming, doing a lot of work on data analytics and police brutality melvin: really likes the hacker ethic, is learning stuff! colin: first meeting was last week, hung out in Chicago hackerspace a lot, moved here ~2 months ago, looking for job, into digital fabrication camille: makes things related to cats ugo/smallhaxe: moved from new york. cyberwizard.

Do we have quorum? Yes. 10 members.

New members

  • smallhaxe
  • aaron
  • raffish
  • samir/csgeek


We had issues with people not paying insurance on time. A motion was passed at the last meeting that Omni will pay for everyone's insurance and then bill the member collectives, unless the groups pro-actively lets Omni know every month that the group paid their insurance. If the groups want to pay their own insurance then they will have to put down a $1300 deposit.

Back door lock: should submit stuff to finance committe, but should first talk to DK and Juul because of fire code worries


Cyber Wizard Institute has been going on every weekday since January 5th and people are leveling up very quickly front end back end awemeoness getting familiar with the standard tool chain so people can build their own kinds of projects and get comfy with how everything works and awesomeness. Happening in the ballroom in the mezzanine.

Every week day 1pm to 6pm open to new people still AND FREE (just show up) all of the course materials are online and the lectures were recorded.

Robot arm: fixed software that takes svgs and controls the robot and now the giant robot arm can draw dinosaurs

Laser cutter: main board was broken, adam negotiated a board down cost-wise and we will be passing the hat to buy a mounting bracket and ducts to deal with fumes

Anyone good with dealing with ventilation? Please... help us.

One of the 3D printers needs a new extruder.

CCL is doing a crowd-funding campaign probably starting in a couple of weeks, could use more people. When close to done, possibly do our own sudo room crowdfunding campaign. Use fact that we moved into a new space, upgrade a bit. Resurface the floor. Better lighting.

Ryan is working on a disability hack night... covering mobility hacking, social hacking, neurohacking, wetware hacking, and Omni hacking. Trying to figure out the best time. If interested in helping, please contact.

Clean up after yourself! If you don't know where to put things, ask! Donations should be cleared! We are not trash disposal! If you see people just trying to leave sad things, tell them!

I am now out of exclamation points.

Group that meets on Monday night for brewing wine, beer, kombucha, possibly kefir. Approximately 7 on Monday nights. Fermentation in general, not just brewing.