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Sudoroom Weekly Meeting Wednesday November 18, 2015

last week:


name, pronoun, and at least one idea for making sudoroom more wheelchair accessible

  • yar, she/her - wider pathways, and more awareness about not leaving shit in those pathways or else you'll get an electric shock
  • remote-jnny - she/her - accessible front desk (not sudo-specific), replacing the walkway tape (actually i think that's been removed) with LED strips
  • remote-brendan: accessible spaces at each table
  • Rob - we could paint the walkways into the concrete
  • dante - he - not sure what the obstacles are
    • marc: people leave junk all over the place
    • dante: so making it a priority to keep stuff out of wheelchair lanes
  • marc: hackerspaces have it easy the higher up they are from ground level. if they're high up, nobody carries shit up there. worst one was in a basement, things just fall down into it
  • lef, he, having a better place for bikes to go so they don't end up in the front area
  • matt, he or other, best idea i have is eliminate my half done projects and junk in the way
    • dante: way to take responsibility!


accessibility continued

  • marc: let's sell the sewing machines, then buy one really good one
    • a store in SF sells used industrial sewing equipment, maybe they'll trade. but we'd need to take lots of pictures and negotiate

new members


  • out of town a lot, but here until the spring. hung out here when we first moved in
  • sails a lot
  • sorry if i seem antisocial working on things. figured i'd be friendly. i mess around with RF & RFID stuff and weird little blinky lights.
  • i don't plan on moving a bunch of shit in but you know how life goes
  • why member? because i think hackerspaces are fucking cool. want to participate in one. this is the one that's closest to my house. like the social space as well as material resources. also omni commons is great, want to encourage it to exist as a community resource.
  • what hack or learn? love playing iwth rf stuff, will try to learn python
  • share or teach? same
  • 10.1 no plan but they need to go
  • 10.2 long list of things i don't like. probably includes those
  • 10.3 encrypt everything
  • values? you're in a better position to asnwer that
  • history? already been here
  • sos? he's good
  • ss? he thinks he's capable of not harassing people
  • never banned
  • i am not a cop. i am an undercover cat.
  • cats make me happy. and precious little else. sailing, bikes
  • not a cabbage
  • email. yar has it.
  • schedule? feast & famine. right now is famine - time rich, cash poor, not a morning person. lives on a boat.


  • 10/28 Andrew applied, pondering ends next week
    • concern that nobody has met him but yar. should we talk about extending his pondering next week
  • 11/04 Dane applied, pondering ends Dec 2
  • 11/11 Kwaku, Gracie & Micolah applied, pondering ends Dec 9
    • nobody's seen any of them since they applied, but maybe we just don't come around enough


  • Dec rent and Nov utilities have been paid (tx rcsheets!!) - $2385
  • Current balance: $703.68 + $106 transferring from Paypal = $809.68
  • See last week's mtg minutes for current monthly Stripe & Paypal donations:


  • brainstorming how to build free-standing lofts
  • gotta start thinking about how we'll spend all our money

omni proposals

buried seeds

  • they want to be a member collective and carve out a 12x20' space in the front room
  • not sure if they're actually a collective
  • they'll pay to build the space themselves
  • front room will be smaller - impacts big events - but we also need more smaller spaces to rent out long-term
  • rob & yar still would prefer them in the basement
  • marc's in favor
  • cere likes em. not sure if the cafe space is the right space, but support them in principle
  • that space has just been trash for ages
  • rob is definitely for an herb collective, but not convinced they're a collective
  • we're all ok with them being a member collective
  • cere: i think there should be more members. that makes me nervous.
  • trial period sounds good but they're investing money
  • yar: seems like they're putting in a lot of upfront work but they're getting the long-term security of being a member collective
  • talk about finance wg needing more people
  • consensus that delegate should abstain

homes not jails

  • marc's in favor, but thinks there's no rush

all food stored in rat-proof bins

via Jenny 11/13:

  • We have a serious rat and mice problem that risks the health of building occupants as well as the existence of several collectives. As such, all food in the building must be stored in rodent-proof containers, ideally NSF-listed (though any improvement on the current situation would be appreciated).
  • approves: marc.
  • rob: do we have the money? let's get em
  • dante: what about in the kitchen upstairs?
  • we should clarify tomorrow - is omni gonna pay for this?
  • we approve of this whether or not omni pays for it
  • i've lived in shitholes. it has to be metal. they chew through plastic.
    • argument over whether plastic will be an improvement
  • yar would prefer omni pay for it but approves either way
  • matt says yes
  • cere: sounds great
  • dante: fnb can probably get them for free. otherwise omni can pay.

proposal: new lawyer liaisons

  • David Keenan, Marcus Zamani
  • marc approves. no objections.

Proposal: Front Desk Shifts

via Jenny 11/13:

  • In order to create a welcoming atmosphere at the Omni, it's imperative that we regularly have someone staffing the front desk. Each member collective must have at least 1 member holding down a minimum 4-hour front desk shift per week. Collectives with more than 20 members should have a proportional representation at the front desk (eg; sudo, with ~60 members, should hold down 3 shifts/week).


  • lef: is the goal to help out with people who come here for activities?
    • dante: you say hello, screen sketchy people, gatekeep
  • lef: maybe it's not very efficient if you don't have specific times. you should be able to tell people to show up at specific times.
  • dante: it worked better before. maybe we need to see how many volunteers we get first.
  • the goal is to get new people in here. right now it's just people inviting their friends
  • the point is to make it inviting
  • rob: we just lost rise above because of security and having to walk up the stairs. if you actually enforce building policy your well being is gonna be threatened
    • concern about requiring people to do work that could be threatening to them
  • matt: when we tried this before, it was the healthiest least violent situation. it was great.
  • yar's also been working on making another way to be a member of omni
  • rob clarifies - he's for there being front door shifts, but should anticipate some resistance
  • marc is in favor.
  • lef thinks it's a good idea but not able to do it personally at least for another 3 weeks