Meeting Notes 2017-01-25

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sudo room party with extra added membership application - 25 January 2017


  • charley
  • juul
  • jnny
  • cere
  • matt
  • sierk
  • sean

who brought the soylent?

that one guy. no, the other one.


sudobot is down :( UPDATE: Now it just speaks very slowly

new member application

Sierk wishes to be a member - Intro: been in the bay area since 2005. when sudo started, was in honolulu. went to the broadway location. has participated in mailing list and irc for a couple years. occupy oakland participant. php developer since 2001 or so, works for community orgnizations. hails from holland. associated with pirate party and direct democracy party. worked on european constitution refrendum. mostly a coder, working on ruby and other open source things. worked on occupy oakland website. recently active in code self study meetup, which is focused on being a quiet alternative to the proliferation of boot camps. has been to some meetings, before they were called "parties". has helped out around sudo/omni in the past. has helped food not bombs. worked as a resident manager at a hostel/roominghouse. has worked on drupal. tries to build tools for non-profit/anarchist community organization, favoring e.g. riseup over google groups. trying to get a drupal distribution going that focuses on minimal collection of information from users. advocates using signal, social media integration with minimal tracking. likes coding and hardware and where it meets organizing. - what do you want to hack/learn? what do you want to share/teach? kinda answered in intro. - plan to abolish sexual violence etc? punch nazis (but i can get a bit more nuanced) - plan to end the Anthropocene extinction etc? participation, not populism (i could spend ten chapters on it) - plan to ensure freedom etc? try to motivate people to become makers instead of consumers. - juul read the omni SoS/SSP information. problem? i read them. i will double check.

 (jnny briefly summarized)

- been banned? no. i was fired once. - best way to contact?, also irc (sierkje), - juul explained the waiting period. know when you'll be around? schedule is pretty open. comes by but often can't get in. could definitely be here tuesdays. - the membership process was explained. - additional: the people who know sierk best are daniel and gerald sanders