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sudo room meeting - 8 March 2017


  • lesley
  • kenny - part time software engineer, looking for job
  • charley
  • steve
  • max
  • marcus - with abdc
  • juul (remote, and then in person)
  • leela - not tech, dates tech
  • luke - moved here in november from detroit
  • pete - wants to learn more tech, open source
  • matt senate


What food should we have at meetings, if not mac and cheese?

<juul> Who is the new member?

new member application: kenny - what do you want to hack/learn? does a lot of software projects, side projects, interested in mathematics/graph theory, is making hypergraph library and low level programming language what do you want to share/teach? ok teaching math concepts to a certain degree, likes pure math topics, not applied math - plan to abolish sexual violence etc? to enforce a way to create empathy in other humans - plan to end the Anthropocene extinction etc? impeaching trump would be a start - juul read the omni SoS/SSP information. problem? yes - been banned? no - best way to contact? email - kenny.kor.seo at gmail - juul explained the waiting period. know when you'll be around? general hackerspace stuff, also in afternoons

new member: luke daenen - what do you want to hack/learn? I'm working on origami projects, has background in architecture, thinking of furniture designs. Trying to learn ruby. what do you want to share/teach? origami, good with kids, 3D design programs plan to abolish sexual violence, etc? Nonviolent communication, non-defensive communication, holding space, engagement - plan to end the Anthropocene extinction etc? economic growth is a myth, really question economic growth - safe space policy? haven't read it specifically but will - been banned? no - contact: email - luke.daenen at gmail

new member: pete dworkin - wants to learn all of the stem subjects - share/teach? can tutor math up through calculus, can tutor some physics - abolish sexual violence, etc? militant anti-theist, plan is to kill god - plan to end the Anthropocene extinction etc? same - safe space policy? yes - been banned? no - contact: petedworkin at hotmail - when are you around? generally weekends

new member: leela - what do you want to hack/learn? wants to hack/learn the society around us by means of creating new economies, more sustainable technology, work with the people here - teach/share? dance, martial arts, help people with their polyamorous woes - campaign of communication, more media to help the global dialog - sustainable technology - yes - no - contact: leela.loop at gmail - times: daytime, weekdays

proposal on use of cafe space by adbc

the previous attempt at using the cafe space broke down, in marcus's opinion, because of the difficulty in getting building resources available to the cafe space, such as plumbing. marcus supposes that a simpler cafe based on a push-cart would be simpler to get going, and allow for income generation which would then segue into improvements for a permanent cafe. adbc manages the cafe space as a program as a pathway for employment. abdc (art bison design co-op) is an intersectional feminist co-op focused to a certain extent on screen printing. This proposal was proposed at the omni delegates meeting, so we may be able to get more detail from notes taken at that meeting. Operation of the cafe, screen printing workspace, and screen printed merchandise sales would take up the entire front room of the omni. abdc could also manage requests for other usage of the front room space.

Feedback from Matt: several groups have previously committed to administration of common space booking and usage, but this has not yet been a success. Instead of attempting to take over the administration, what about recommitting to having some of your members serve on relevant omni committees.

More from adbc: we could manage the front door. also, most of the time, marcus would be the one running the cafe, watching the door, etc.

CCL proposal from Patrik

There is a proposal. It was discussed. There didn't seem to be a consensus.