Meeting Notes 2017-11-01

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Sudoroom Meeting November 1, 2017

Remember remember the 1st of November. A day I'll always remember, cuz that was the day that my baby cried


daniel's comment (since i will not be able to hang out much longer online, and i need to get going home). Please note that I have no knowldge or details of what had happened, between Ryan and others. But, here is what I have experienced."During the last two weeks I had two inteactions with Ryan. He has been easy going, friendly, and sharing knowledge in humble manners. He has also expressed to me that he is available to help us with battery-solar related issues/projects. By learning that, I even invited him to attend the Sudomesh/PON meetings on Tuesday. He also had volunteered to go to Tiburon to pick up some UPSs units that are available for donation, but because of the ban situation this has been put on hold." daniel, the meeting is happening, please type your comments <ok, thanks!

PROPOSAL: the sudoroom community stands by our existing safe space ban of ryan martin for reasons of prolonged intimidation and harassment. we will seek more information, but prioritize supporting our long-time community members. the ban will continue unless it's overturned by a member vote at a future sudoroom meeting.

  • 10 in favor, 1 abstain, 0 blocks. passes with consensus.