Meeting Notes 2022-04-06


  • Proposal: Adopt a code of conduct [15 min]

We don't currently have a code of conduct. We have a Safe Space policy that strictly bans harassment and discrimination, but we don't currently have a concise guide one what constitutes great behavior and what behaviors are prohibited but don't merit immediate expulsion. We'll discuss whether we should adopt a code of conduct and what to put in it if we do.

  • Proposal: Form working groups for key functions [12 min]

There's a lot of work that needs done, and working groups might be a good way to aim members (especially new ones!) at this work. We'll discuss if we should form working groups and if so, on what topics.

  • Membership considerations: [22 min]

- Arthur's application

- Evo's application

- Request for input on our member conflict resolution process [10 min]

  • Show-n-tell [10 min]


  • Arthur
  • Eva
  • PB (IRL, 3rd meeting)
  • Andy (IRL)
  • Jake
  • PWM (entered a few minutes in)
  • Juul (IRL, entered a few minutes in)
  • Yar
  • ELT Eric (entered toward the end)

1. Andy proposes adopting a code of conduct.

Jake points out that there's quite a bit of documentation in the Sudo and Omni wikis

Quorum is achieved with 7 full members, Jake points out we should work to get more full members involved as meetings are just getting restarted

Here is an example code of conduct I think we should copy:

Meeting notes taken on the notepad should be prepare

2. New membership considerations


Environmental planner living in Oakland =)

Wants to diversify personal relationship with technology to include activities outside of work, personal projects

Moved out of the country when Omni was just starting, has returned and excited to see evolution of the space


Likes robots and radios, which are frequently intertwined!

Stopped by a few times, liked the vibe esp. compared to more commercially oriented hackerspaces


Member at Circuit Launch and Ace Makerspace

Has been coming to hardware hack night lately, it's been epic!

Wants to activate a space in downtown Oakland as part of Sudo

3. Q: How to see who's paying? A: Use Sudo Humans! (note it will be deprecated eventually, new version has "mostly been completed") 4. Omni president, Jake (will be around Tue. & Thu.), Yar, others can help with giving access cards, easiest to find them physically at the space, or message them otherwise, technically cards are available to anyone who's paying 5. Jake points out you can do pretty much whatever you want in the space that is beneficial! 6. PB asks if there's any single overarching principle historically, e.g. Noisebridge's "Be excellent to one another"?

Jake agrees this is inspirational but not always enough, when Sudo originally was formed a lot of work went into a "Declaration of intent to exist" and "Articles of association" and code of conduct, which is not easily findable

We should dig in to find this old material and use it as the basis for the discussion of the contemporary code of conduct

PB revises then to say that process offers an opportunity to distill the resulting code of conduct into a compact "mission" or something similar and brief summary of procedure/protocol

7. Show and tell

Andy says he's trying to 3D print a mezuzzah and if he succeeds will show next week, thumbs up!

Eva shows ham radio manual, just starting to study the chonker for a future license test, the crowd goes wild

Arthur shows "Friendly", an espresso machine rescued from oppressive office and programmed to make caffeine with new cybernetic appendages, its motto is "Demonstrate refinement in everything you do" which is why the wiring is so conspicuous

PWM shows an older iPad model A1337 that doesn't respond properly to charging and is inaccessible, any suggestions? Arthur offers to melt off the screen

8. Yar, member since 2012, she/her, lives a mile north of Omni

Wants to advocate for Matthew Stewart, Sudo member who was banned a few days ago

The process for this banning wasn't very rigorous

Recap of what happened:

Juul (Mark) expressed feeling unsafe with Matthew in the space

There was some discussion among members and a consensus seemed to emerge that some kind of solution needed to be found

Jake sent an email to this member saying the member was no longer welcome based on the safe space policy

Jake explains that he didn't ignore Yar's email before writing his own, and that it was a difficult email to write, to someone who he is personally close to, but concedes that the timing and wording was not optimal