Meeting Notes 2022-05-04

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Meeting: 2022-05-04

Agenda: Juliana: Women and NB coding night Honeymoon phase New Collective Proposal: Groups Proposal: Code of Conduct Laser cutting: Find someone who knows a bit, plan a night Projector event: Show-N-Tell

Juliana: Introduction, plan to host a night Perhaps on Monday Do we need to keep men out? A simple advice to give people space is probably enough. Yar said they can stop by at least initially to get the flow.

Imma: Who wants to institute a Honeymoon phase? It felt demoralizing and out of touch with the effort the new applicants are brining and urgency of the moment.

New Collective discussion (postponed for time)

Proposal: Groups (Postponed for time)

Proposal: Code of Conduct Andrew shared a link and a reminder that we have an updated code of conduct on our webpage. Unless someone blocks it, it will become our official code of conduct and statement of purpose.

Laser Cutting: Arthur is interested in getting trained on it. Andrew offered to help.

Show-N-Tell: Andrew showed off a pirate flag of a cat from the show "Our Flag Means Death".