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  • Alex , Dan (testing a node, catching up), Hayley (lives at 40th & Adeline, wants to test a node, work on PR and general coopy goodness, wants to go over FAQ questions), Jenny (articulating updates thus far, roadmap, faq), Marc (making it easy to configure and purchase a node [wizard], Paige (made flyers, so many flyers!!! articulating how people can get kj,involved, workshop ideas), Jeremy (tech documentation, how users can get involved, applications for the mesh), Max (firmware, network testing), Chris (went to IcingaCamp last week! new release in a few weeks)


  • Node flashing gathering on Sunday!
  • FAQ review and update
    • Will [name of authority figure/entity here] come and get me if I join the network?
      • No identifying information needed, and either way everything is legal. Only risk would be putting your address on the map, but it doesn't need to be associated with your real name.
    • Will people come and bug me looking for internet?
      • This has not been typically experienced.
    • What about malicious users on the network?
      • There's nothing more inherently secure or insecure about the mesh compared to other networks. "Never trust the network" - if you're concerned about security, learn end-user practices for encrypting your communications. See for more information on tools
  • Announcement to folks on our map:
    • Just an indication that we're alive and kicking!
    • Link to blog post
    • Send out a brief technical to-do list and invite developers to Tuesday hacknights
  • Public communications and outreach (flyers, video, website, mailing list, etc)
    • Parkour friends
  • Firmware update
    • We should test on newer equipment
    • Node database not working
    • Monitoring needs to be refined
    • Remote flashing
    • Older picos running for about a week at a time before crashing
    • Newer models have watchdogs
    • Target devices are Nanostations and Western Digital (N600)
  • Collaboration and potential project partners
    • Anonymous donor willing to match a donation of 1-2 AirFiber gigabit links
      • Opportunity for launching the network in style
    • Building Blocks for Kids in Richmond working on internet access, putting out a job description for tech support soon
    • Max having difficulties w/ Richmond nodes trying to connect to Internet Archive's tower
    • NPM office
    • Range Networks
    • Nerds for Nature
  • Planning educational workshops and presentations
    • Hayley tabling for a coop event on the 16th
  • Hardware inventory
  • Funding models
    • Purchase process for new subscribers
      • Option for folks to manage their own nodes, otherwise we'd be remotely maintaining them
      • Suggest people come to a workshop if they want to manage their own nodes
      • Buy one, give one donation

Breakout Meetings

  • FAQs
  • Monitoring

Action Items

  • Buy a roll of CAT6 STP (needed for Omni). Monoprice preferred (cheap and overnight shipping).
  • Buy a bunch of nanostations
  • Enclosures and antennas for the sparkys
    • Reach out to jake
  • Figure out where the internet is! Research fiber, colos, etc
    • Cogent, BART, Hurricane Electric, MonkeyBrains
  • Paige and Jenny visiting Internet Archive on the 17th (noon)
  • Respond to N4N folks
  • certificate needs to be updated

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