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4/7/15 Weekly General Meeting Start time: 8:05pm


  • MaxB, Alex, Mo, Marc, Jenny, Yar


  • Jenny met with David, organizing Oakland Spring Rising. Their goal is to facilitate the creation of 40 urban farms in 40 days. We can prototype a tiny node for communicating sensor data to the nearest mesh node.
  • Next node mount, this sunday - perhaps meet earlier, say 10:30, at Brendan's place? He has line-of-site to the Curtis St Community Garden we've been working on at 21st & Curtis.
  • Chris J brought over a bunch of teeny $3 embedded wifi radios that are (fairly) low power draw. We could use these to connect various sensors to for reporting back "internet of things" data from physical locations. This is super relevant to the Spring Rising stuff because we can use them for soil humidity/property levels. Also ambient temperature, etc. etc. Then we'd just need a mediocre line of sight connection to one of our mesh nodes and they could associate with the "open" interface and report to some web instance that can do logging.
  • Jake's idea: Sensor for community gardens when the gate is opened to notify folks that someone is there.
  • Developers were threatening Qilombo garden aka Afrikatown garden and they are trying fundraise to buy the lot ($500,000). Jenny is working with Oakland Spring rising and also helping to facilitate mesh sensor prototypes.
  • Marc is still working on the VPS Cheap stuff to bring back online. He has some of his own backup and is going migrate it to digital ocean droplet or other good vps (still cheap, but also good)
  • Maxb and Marc have been working on the new sudomesh node configs.
  • Maxb bought a couple TL-WDR4300 and has been experimenting with them.
  • Alex got in touch with April about speaking with Mr. Pozar. They're going to have a joint phone call, but April had to run back to Tennessee for some family issues. Hopefully we'll still be able to have that call while she's traveling.
  • Marc has been hacking away at his notdhcp client/server implementation. The basic functionality is mostly in place, so we need to do some debugging and then go through the process of wrapping it in the openwrt makefile/packaging wrapper stuffs.

MyNet Configurations

  • Using bridged radios connected to MyNet ports will allow for greater flexibility in connections, etc.
  • We want to be able to use "ubus forwarding" so that we can have an admin UI on the mynet which allows us to manage and monitor the rooftop antenna nodes.
  • We can use VLANs to allow each of the antenna nodes to be on both the adhoc AND open networks.


  • $3 embedded wifi radio
  • We're going to look into garden solar lights for power
  • Homemade yagi antennae with tiny pieces of copper soldered straight on
  • Cardboard yagi for antenna
  • Martin has a hackRF(sp?) for measuring antenna stuff
  • Alternate firmware called "frankenstein" that we could maybe recompile for ipv6 (in the future....)
  • We need to look into whether or not wireless interfaces have to fallback to b from g/n if they have a single 802.11b client
  • pollution sensors?


  • $189.31 in Western FCU, more (~$1200) in Jenny&Marc's bank account that hasn't been transferred over yet
  • Receiving $31.45/wk on Gratipay

Action Items

  • defer taxes(!) - jenny
  • update notes -> wiki - jenny
  • Sunday re-flash node at treeherder's place?
  • Sync w/ PLACE for Sustainable Living, which has a connection brewing with Internet Archive (they're at 65th and San Pablo)

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