Mesh/13 March 2014

March 13th Hacknight!


  • Juul - Firmware and other tech stuff
  • Chris J - Has been coming for a while and helping out with random stuffs. He has been house-sitting a node!
  • Daniel is a node operator!
  • jack - unix jack of all trades
  • ken - electrical engineer from sf and from nerds for nature (remote sensor networks
  • Josh - just curious
  • Alex - interested in KORUZA
  • Max B - Has been working on our fake captive portal
  • <someone> - Ignore me
  • Deekoo - Contributes paranoia and will be poking at it.
  • Jeremy - Fun under the sun!


Juul's been troubleshooting:

   - One node crashed mysteriously
     + Status light on but not responding to anything
     + Juul will work on getting logs from dead(ish) node.
     + Juul also working on watchdog

Romy is interested in helping w/ ourtreach/education:

   - Comics!
   - There's a wlan slovenijia comic for how to take care of your node

Daniel is going to take home another node