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Peoples Open Meeting - Sept. 19, 2017

Reminder for myself: No chit chats during the meeting.



  • Hilary - tech underground member, member of awesome foundation san francisco chapter, interested in helping out with workshop
  • Mai - eff, solidarity economy, enterprises of things, post capitalists, open networks, building commons. potential node
  • Michael - first time, hardware, wearable, biohacking, formerly worked on meshwork in baltimore, buggss lab in baltimore underground science something
  • Steve - first time, main project spokeland, bikes, tinkering with networks radios
  • Ben - first time, helped with node mount, hardware
  • Dave - has a roof
  • Grant - design and outreach stuff, whatever is being worked on
  • Sierk - coding, interested in firmware, helping with food for byoi workshop this Saturday
  • Eve - former sysadmin, learning more, helping with recording byoi and flyering
  • Scott - software / hardware
  • Jehan - incentivized mesh to be demoed at byoi this Saturday
  • Daniel - "tech is still run by white men"
  • Jorrit - note-taker and hopes to be corrected many times. i don't like bullet points. i'm interested in helping organize the workshop for this saturday. figuring out what's left to organize and making sure that everyone who's willing to contribute knows how to contribute. willing to give an intro to new folks on how to plug into the project in general. i've been mainly doing, little bit of software but not too much of that recently. (that is pretty verbose)
  • Robb - he/him, i'm interested in the hardware side of things



Scheming to make sneakernet nodes; went to campus with Grant to talk to housing co-ops; made contact with student co-op networking folks; sherman hall network manager replied - person is "in to it" and interested in getting permanent peoplesopen node; we need people in building around campus to provide internet to folks at events/ protests of next wk ban

  • Bullitt: Mainly we need people around campus in buildings with internet. AirBears and Cal Visitors network is pathetic. Cal Student building, set up a node in there - will do that soon. Maybe later on people want to work on the sneakernet nodes?
  • Grant: Can work on the sneakernet nodes tonight if people are interested. Have a bunch of batteries. Need to figure out how to recharge
    • Jorrit: Idea to have these nodes attached to fixed or mobile nodes?
      • Idea is to have fixed nodes in place, but people with hotspots we could possibly tether to also
        • DanieL: Idea is cool and some have possibly done it, but 1) exposing our name, so if not reliable that's an issue.
          • Jorrit: Could be a good way to test it, no?
            • Daniel: Is definitely going to happen - expect overload. Prepare for the worst of massive use and complicated topography
  • Scott - has been network manager at three berkeley co-ops about a decade ago - knows about topography buildings on



  • Ben: starting a job at a local ISP tomorrow. they have a literal truckload of old ubiquiti gear that they'd like to give to sudomesh
    • many cheer \o/


  • BYOI Workshop logo contest kicks off this weekend! *shares flyer he & bullitt put together*


  • Discussion about building out nodes at homeless encampments - would like to help with that. also interested in more mobile, temporary nodes. may require some fundraising on mobile data connections.
    • down by where the daylaborers work, on 4th, would be easier to get shared access from them
      • s: still want to put them in places where people live.
  • will check back in in 2 weeks


  • been working on price metric for babeld, to prep for saturday

501c3 application

  • most recent draft is on the table and imminently uploaded
  • need help with describing charitable activities, contributions of real property (eg, vehicle), money distributed as grants to other individuals/orgs, finish bylaws, ensure we can pay $400 fee


  • gerald suggested deprioritizing the peoplesopen bandwidth - why do we set a fixed amount and not just prioritize?
    • sierk: discussion on issues - slightly different. was talking to ??? who cares more about specific amount rather than percentage
      • deprioritize, with a cap?
  • group check - what are thoughts?
    • seems like more autonomy is always good, if implementable
  • daniel: seems like it would be
  • grant: someone could add it as an option to the code and then bring it to the group. nice to talk about it, but until someone implements it - let's make the decision then.

EFF node

disaster radio

BYOI workshop

  • Jorrit sent an email to the list - you can find it in the github repo -
  • need help with: flashing station (tom/sierk/michael/jenny),
  • Arriving between 10-11am on Saturday to set up

food / smoothie

  • How is the pedal powered smoothie maker getting here?
  • Coordinate with Scott re: Food

Breakout Groups

  • Jorrit: Intros
  • Bullitt & Grant in sudo after talk w/ Dave: Sneakernodes
  • BYOI shedL

miscellaneous link dump

action items

  • Order more Ubituiti nodes
  • Finalize schedule for Sunday node mount @ Dave's