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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 22 October 2019 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (15 mins)
  • Announcements and Upcoming Events (10 mins)
  • Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects (30 mins)
  • Check in on ongoing projects (15 mins)
  • Discussion items (10 min)
  • Wrap-up meeting (5 min)


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Icebreaker question:
  • jenny-she/her- involved since 2013
  • mai - involved since 2017 - been doing more organizing side of things, interested in technical side more
  • asheem - hardware expert/interest
  • johnmark - he him they - wants to work on os
  • michael - analog person in a digital world; wizard
  • mark - involved since beginning- software-solar nodes
  • null - (he/him) first meeting in a while . did inventory
  • tyler - ham radio operator. likes electronics, challengs
  • dan/radar - ham radio. electronics, hardware
  • lauren - 2nd meeting here. interested in long range radio stuff
  • seth - he/him/they, been around for a year or so, has done node mounts and more recently been tabling

Meeting Roles

Announcements and Upcoming Events

== Reportback on Emergency Fair ==-

  • Distributed over 100 brochures and talked with dozens of primarily Berkele residents interested in and engaged with local neighborhood organizing for disaster resilience.
  • Advised to "strike while iron is hot" as many Bay Area residents are currently reacting to the PG&E power shutoffs, wildfire and earthquake risks, and shitty treatment by Comcast (who recently cut power to dozens of residents in the Berkeley Hills without prior notice).
  • Met a woman, Nikki, representing Gov. Newsom's initiative funding to the total of $50million for "disaster preparedness and peer-to-peer networking" nonprofits, who seemed confident in funding our projects (Jenny contact).
  • BeCERTAINN is a Berkeley GMRS repeater network group we should connect further with. Eve made contact. More:
  • Chatted w/ Ivan - longtime sudoroom comrade who works in the library system - about deploying a testbed in Tiburon. They are considered a sort of testbed and this could be an example to other library systems that are more slow-moving , such as Oakland. Jenny & Ivan to collaborate on a Google doc, with imminent invite to present to the board!
  • Many email signups and interest in attending meetups and/or workshops!
  • Workshop on resiliency hubs that Ajay went to - working with community gardens, NorCal Resiliency Network -

Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects

Check for Blocked items.

Design/print a banner for tabling events proposal from seth / mai / monica


proposal for mobile solar hotspot node @ People's Park (juul) - from juul

  • 6 people approved from Loomio
  • juul: maybe there's a cheaper solution

proposal for mini solar node via juul

Another prototype but this one lighter weight, lower power and easier to install. It uses the existing 4G wifi hotspots we got from mobile citizen.

  • Flexible and light-weight solar panel: $50
  • Solar charge controller: $30
  • Li-ion high capacity battery $50 (probably less actually)
  • 4G and WiFi antennas and pigtails: ~$140
  • Case: ~$50
  • Total: ~$320

< $500 - just needs approval from finance wg folks

mini-proposal for buying a vector impedance analyzer via juul

It will allow us to quickly check if an antenna is good for a specific frequency, so we can DIY antennas and test them as we bend and snip. Works for LoRa and 2.4 GHz wifi frequencies but not 5 GHz wifi.


< $500 - just needs approval from finance wg folks

  • Mai: I approve this
  • jnny +1
  • null +1

funding for emergency prep - proposal due asap (jenny)

"As we spoke Saturday at the emergency preparedness fair in Berkeley, the Center on Disability at the Public Health Institute has been awarded a grant by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to provide emergency preparedness training and resources to vulnerable populations through local community-based organizations (CBOs) in Alameda county. The grant will engage a total of 250,000 individuals with Access and Functional Needs through local CBOs in Alameda county through December 2020.

I have attached a Request for Proposals (RFP) and instructions on how to apply for this grant. We think you may be a right candidate for this grant. Please disregard the application dateline we are still taking application. Also, do not be afraid of the total number of people to reach. The agreement is set up so that you will be paid for the number of people you engage up to the maximum of 10,000. So even if you are aiming for 3,000 or less, the payment structure still works. We would like to keep the agreement saying 10,000, because when we get together, and throughout the project period, we will be working with you to maximize the number of people you can reach. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question. We look forward to working with you." prototype (juul/jenny/mai/fitz) $30-40

Next steps:

  • New version's main improvement will be 2 LoRa radios to improve meshing capability
  • Want to experiment with at least two antennas on a board
  • Switching from ESP8266 -> ESP32
  • Improving communication between browser and chip
  • haven't started working on multi-radio meshing
  • handsets powered by USB
  • compatability with Outernet (ham project)

Need help with:

  • need support with board layout
    • asheem and jm interested in helping
  • mechanical engineering - enclosure, water/weatherproofed, attracting max sun but also cooling the battery, temperature probe, maybe some air holes to enable cooling from the side?
    • shutoff happens at 45 degrees centrigrade - hard weather limitation -
    • getting quotes for different possible solutions with both Lithium Ion and Lithium-Ion-Phosphate batteries
    • asheem can donate some cycles to this
  • explore different solar panel options, compare quotes

Required features

  • shutoff happens at 45 degrees centrigrade
  • water/weather proof enclosure
  • multi-radio meshing
  • battery - design that can be used with lithion ion, or lithion ion phosphate battery

Action Items:

* Acquire quotes and post to wiki on Github
** Solar panels
** Batteries
** Enclosure materials

breakout groups

  • people's open overview / onboarding
  • hack sesh

Trello Boards

Action Items

Copy and paste from previous action items above, delete completed ones, and add new ones:

Last Meeting Notes

Wrap-up Meeting