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  • 9 people. Two completely new.
    • Paul (has worked in networking for 20 years, wants to do something cool), Shaddhi (phd student at UC Berkeley working on mesh things), Joseph (wants to help w/ community outreach), Ron (helping max w/ server browser), Marc (works on firmware, node-configurator), Jenny, Paige, Max, Alex (monitoring solutions for the nodes, server provisioning)


  • Server Rack: We need someone to be here at Omni to receive rack. ETA: tomorrow Fri between 8am-noon.
    • Joseph can!
  • MaxB: Fidgeting around w/ provisioning solutions - set up a Digital Ocean droplet
  • Ron: Working on service browser, hooked it up to database to store upvotes/downvotes
  • Shaadhi: Standalone cell networks for local communities (Indonesia, rural areas); trying to get roof space on their building but that's not working out); does Sudo want to get a license to run an OpenBTS cellular network? Want to make a box station for us, local towers and international calls possible; VoIP
    • Marc recommends
  • Donation of VoIP adapters -
    • Everyone interested in the mesh who has a DSL connection could serve local free calls
  • Paige and Jenny visiting Internet Archive next Friday
  • We got a bunch of inexpensive new routers to test out as possible indoor nodes
    • Western Digital N600 (has USB, 128 megs of ram)

What are you working on?

  • MaxB: Paid work, provisioning stuff, service browser, mesh services
  • Alex: Flashing a nanostation; server provisioning
  • Paige: Talking about Richmond
  • Ron: Service browser
  • Rolf: Researching antennas
  • Chris: Node monitoring w/ Sensu

Action Items

  • Internet Archive meetup
  • Send Brendan the sticker stuff
  • Flyer design
  • Sync Paige w/ Anca
  • Canvassing discuss w/ Joseph