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Suggested milestones for v0.2:

  • Switch to babel [done]
  • Upgrade to barrier breaker [done]
  • Multi-radio support [done]
  • Add-on radios via extender-nodes [nearly there]
  • New ubus-based web interface (but no extender-node management) [~three nights work?]
  • Working (but not necessarily ideal) node monitoring system [done?]
  • No fake captive portal [postponed]

Potential milestones for v0.3:

  • Improved web interface
  • Time dependent traffic control
    • Usage statistics
    • Extender-node management
  • Automatic extender-node connection on all ethernet ports
  • Fake captive portal working
  • Service browser working well
  • Node alignment-helper web interface
  • Support for monthly bandwidth sharing cap

Potential milestones for v1.0:

  • Per-node internet-routable IPv6 subnet
  • Multicast node-monitoring
  • Gigabit connection piped into mesh
  • Decentralized exit node / VPuN server discovery
  • Service browser working well
  • Switch to "foo over udp" tunnel
  • Auto-launch of local services (wikipedia/openstreetmaps) when USB stick plugged in
  • Logistics management for sale of pre-flashed nodes
  • Launch crowdfunding campaign

Potential milestones for v2.0:

  • Secure trust-based babel routing
  • Automatic node transmit power adjustment

Suggested timeline:

 * May 1st: sudowrt feature-complete for 0.2 and ready to test. First home+extender node up near curtis st. garden.
 * May 7th: First garden node prototype operational at Curtis st. community garden.
 * June 1st:
   ** sudowrt v0.2 release candidate 1.
   ** Development of v0.3 begins.
 * July 1st: sudowrt v0.2 stable release
 * August 1st: v0.3 feature-complete