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  • Internet Archive: Ralf Muehlen
  • Sudomesh: Matt, Jenny, Mitar


  • Internet Archive has a 70ft-tall antenna in Richmond shooting 100mbps wifi to the citizens of Richmond, the municipal government of which is fully in support.
  • They are excited about the Oakland mesh and interested in contributing bandwidth to the network =)
  • They are currently testing out a long-distance link to Ashby.


  • They could possibly be another termination point if we're using openvpn or some such (tunneldigger?)
  • Internet Archive doesn't keep logs, and Sonic diminished =)

Working with the City

  • Hard to get the combination of excited and capable from city govts
  • Litmus test: can we get on the roof of the building we're in?
  • Always call it an experiment, pilot (so they have coverage)
  • Deborah costa (san leandro)
  • Two requirements: free and fast
    • "we don't want your money, we want your rooftops"
  • Hard to understand you're not a vendor, but a potential partner
  • Scenario that is most persuasive: Upset villagers w/ pitchforks and the community org saving them

Additional Notes

  • Edge router ubiquiti device fastest connection
  • Silicon Valley Power connecting via mesh to monitor everyone's power usage
  • 2 yr License to build on a military-use GSM band - does that license extend to Oakland?


  • Bookmobile in Africa

Disaster Radio

  • A wiki that people can indicate that they're okay, where they are
  • DIY satellites for mapping areas post-disaster
  • Pyresticks --> pyre servers (can also provide heat!)


  • PHP Network Weathermap