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Mesh the Planet! 2018 Unconference

As a followup to the Decentralized Web Summit taking place July 31 - August 3rd, members of Sudo Mesh will be hosting an unconference to bring together the decentralized internets community in the shared spirit of meshing the planet!


  • What: An informal unconference / hackathon around building and deploying the decentralized web
  • When: Aug 4th & 5th, 12-6pm
  • Where: Sudo Room and/or the ballroom, located in the Omni Commons @ 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA
    • Roughly half a mile north of the MacArthur BART station, ~20mins from San Francisco


  • Front desk -
  • Facilitation -
  • Food - Scott/nanomonkey,
  • Setup - Jenny,
  • Cleanup - Jenny,


Material Resources

See Aspiration Tech's Materials Shopping List

  • 3" x 5" un-ruled stickie notes, 1 pad per about 5 participants (Jenny will buy)
  • Fine point Sharpie markers (Jenny will buy)
  • 1/4" color dots for voting (in office)
  • Movable walls! (in ballroom)
  • Infinity coffee, snacks, and hydrating beverages
  • Tables and chairs
  • Power strips
  • External monitors
  • Mesh testbeds - Sudo Mesh, Toronto Mesh, others?
  • Swag table - buttons, stickers, pins, zines, tshirts etc!
  • Nametags


Saturday, Aug 4th

12-1pm: Introductions and lunch

Circle up, intros

1-2pm: Agenda-setting

We'll follow an "open space" model for collaborative agenda-setting, following guidelines outlined by Aspiration Tech.

2-3pm: Breakout Sessions I

3-4pm: Breakout Sessions II

4-5pm: Breakout Sessions III

5-6pm: Breakout Sessions IV

Evening funtimes

  • Food? Karaoke? Dance party??

Sunday, Aug 5th

12-1pm: Recap, goal-setting, coffee/lunch!


Deploying services live to People's Open Network!

  • We'll have a stack of Home Nodes (WD MyNet routers) and NAS devices and can spend the day deploying various services and building our own internet!