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The following names are related to this group:

sudo mesh

sudo mesh ( is the name of the mesh organization. We have incorporated as a California non-profit and plan to apply for 501(c)3 status.

People's Open Network

People's Open Network ( is the name of the network. The network is not controlled by sudo mesh, but sudo mesh runs a wifi mesh network that is part of People's Open Network. The only thing required for people or organizations to be part of is that they abide by the Network Commons License (currently being worked out). We are filing for a trademark for People's Open Network so we can prevent people from calling themselves People's Open Network if they do not abide by the NCL. We are not yet sure who the "we" are in this case. We would like to be as decoupled as possible from sudomesh without any power other than to enforce that people only use the name if their networks are NCL-compatible.

All of the sudo mesh wifi nodes use as their public SSID.

Mesh the Planet!

Mesh the Planet ( is currently not used for anything, but we have tossed around the idea that we could use it for a campaign to get more people involved with community wireless mesh networks, and perhaps to make a map of all community wireless mesh networks globally. We need to coordinate with similar efforts from e.g. Freifunk.


Some of our original naming discussion is available for reading.