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Digital Divide Meeting #2


  • Chris, Alcides, Matt, Jenny, Marina, Max, Tammy, Travia

Outreach to Dig Divide Orgs: Pitch

  • 1. Tell the story of what's been happening in Oakland
    • Code for Oakland
    • CityCamp Oakland
    • Upcoming Hackathon/Event 'Open Data Day'
        1. oakmeeting - hashtag for Oakland Wiki "non-technical" track to produce narratives around politics and policies in Oakland
  • To make Oakland and, in particular technology in Oakland, open and accessible to a wide diversity of people
  • Community and neighborhoods
  • 2. Not trying to do the work that you're already doing, but to collaborate with ongoing efforts; serve as a hub / communications medium /
  • network of facilitators working together
  • 3. Go later in depth on the projects Open Oakland is involved in:
    • Eg; Adopt-a-Drain
      • public records, crime, blight, etc;
  • Fill out survey of needs / activities
  • 4. Call to Action
    • Invite them to:
      • Open Data Day Feb 23rd
      • OpenOakland meetings
      • Networking Meetup?
  • 5. Ask if they've any other questions
  • Need the poetry and a range of words / phrases


  • Ask to visit spaces/volunteer.
    • Fridays are best, prioritize weekends and evenings
  • Send out a basic survey? --> Or just fill out their info on the wiki
  • Fill out their info on Oakland Wiki for your organization, then put it on Calendar
  • Write up interview questions for Digital Divide orgs (Jenny, beginning below)
  • Email group with responses
  • Common meeting?

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday the 19th at City Hall

Sample Questions

  • Who are you already working with / who would you like to collaborate with?


  • Oakland Technology West
    • Giant warehouse full of obsolete and sometimes-current hardware / laptops / desktops
    • Can put in 20 hours for a free desktop or laptop or "bucks"
    • 1st Saturday distribution day
    • Domingo runs Adult Education programs
      • --> in need of instructors
    • Internet was not working
    • Skill set differing between cleaning computers to a need for instructors
  • Also contacted VMWare


  • Address how intrusive we may or wouldn't be