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For more information about sudo room's systems in general, see Systems Administration

The sudo room network provides internal networking, internet access, wireless service, and some externally accessible devices or services. Information about the various devices in use and their configuration is available below.

Router Conifugration

Network Info



IP Address Port Assigned to NAT horchata
80 tamale
2248 wolfypi Default Gateway



  • (Internal)


IP Address Assigned to Notes horchata Cisco 515 Firewall tamale a raspberry pi on the wall space "Space" laptop with local DNS/music/fileserver mchawking wheelchair robot sudochan1 Asus RT-N10+ Access Point (OpenWRT) on 2.4 ghz channel 1 sudochan6 Asus RT-N10+ Access Point (OpenWRT) on 2.4 ghz channel 6 bro Brother_HL-2270DW b&w laser printer printmagic 3d printer desktop computer the printer In desperate need of a cute name. wolfypi future dns and other network services e1000 Cisco E1000 AP running dd-wrt DHCP

Wireless Access Points

SSID Security Key MAC IP Channel Location Hardware
sudoroom open n/a Find Me fine me Wire Rack above Teclo Closet Linksys E1000