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** Class Facilitator: Ray the Ice Cream Man has made ice cream for Bi-Rite Creamery, iScream, & Silbermann's. He lead the innovation lab (the infamous NOM Team) at Fentons. His last gig was the ice cream designer for the opening of the Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco. Ray is currently launching his own venture, Atomic Ice Cream, and starting a motorcyle gang.
** Description: Vanilla is yummy. And fascinating. This is a class into the history, botany, and appreciation of one of the most ubiquitous tastes and smells in our culture. We will make vanilla extract (everybody goes home with a bottle of extract), taste single origin vanilla ice creams and learn how to make a Philadelphia style vanilla ice cream (everybody goes home with a container of ice cream). There will be a low class fee for materials (approximately $5) and an empty pint container for generous donations.
** Interested Attendees:[[User:IsThisThingOn|IsThisThingOn]] ([[User talk:IsThisThingOn|talk]]), [[Diwu|Diwu]] ([[User talk:Diwu|talk]]), VMittal 
===Feb. 9 [[Jewelry-making and jewelry repair]]===
** Title of Class: Jewelry-making and jewelry repair