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In November 2011, Sudoroom held its [[First_Meeting|first meeting]]. We've held [[Meetings|regular meetings]] ever since then.
Most stuff moved [[FAQ#What.27s_your_legal_structure.3F|here]]
In early 2012, we agreed to an [[Articles_of_Association|Articles of Association]].
In late 2013, we filed [[Articles_of_Incorporation|Articles of Incorporation]] with the state of California, and elected a [[Board|Board of Directors]]
== Membership ==
We are still defining it.
== Works In Progress ==
== Works In Progress ==

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Most stuff moved here

Works In Progress

one proposed route:

  • We looked at the corporate bylaws of Noisebridge and began slightly forking them.
  • We will edit these Bylaws until they are appropriate to replace the current AOI. This work will happen here.
  • We will edit the AOA so it can become the new Bylaws. This work will happen here.
  • We will then propose the diffs for potential consensus.