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Subiir 2

The third subiir (sudo beer). A nice and hoppy American Pale Ale.

  • Brewed 17th of April 2013.
  • To be bottled 8th of May.
  • To be drunk 29th of May.


Specific gravity measured to 1.050 at 20 degrees C at start of fermentation, meaning a potential alcohol percentage of 6.4%.


Small pot on stove

  • 1 pound carapils
  • 1 pound crystal 45
  • Bit more than 1 pound sugar.
  • In the big pot in the kitchen almost full (3 gallons?)
  • Went straight to 65-67 degrees C for 1 hour.

In turkey fryer

2.6 gallons of two row domestic

Tried to do:

  • 50 for 30 mins.
  • 60 for 30 mins.
  • <70 for 1 hour.

But difficult because the liquid near the sides keeps getting really hot.

Drained and let it run through all of the malt (including carapils and crystal) together with the kitchen pot mash.

Let it drain through the bag (this is brewing in a bag) and into the brewpot once again, this time squeezing the bag quite a lot to get more mash out.

Started heating towards boil.

Once boil was achieved:

90 minutes:

  • 2 oz Columbus 15.4% (pellet)
  • 2 oz Simcoe 14.1% (non-pellet)

0 minutes:

  • 2 oz Cascade 6.5% (pellet)

5 mins to steep 0 min hops, then continue to steep while counter-flow chilling the wort.

Yeast: GigaYeast Gold Pitch.


Three weeks on top of sudo room fridge. Approximate temperature 22 C.

Dry hopping

A jar (maybe 35 cl) stuffed full of donated mystery hops was added to the fermenters on the eighth day after fermentation was started. It looked home-grown and smelled very aromatic. It did not smell at all like the bitter columbus or simcoe hops, but smelled much fruitier / more flowery.

Prep work

Drilled top hole for airlock in home depot food safe bucket:

3/4" hole drill (ryobi forstner 8 pcs bit set). A bit tricky to drill. Need smallish rounded file to clean up the hole.