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Sudo room
Status Hackerspace status::planned
Country Country::United States
State or District State::California
City City::Oakland
Date of founding Date of founding::2011/11/14
Last Updated Last Updated::2011-11-29
Website Website::
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postal-code:: Oakland
United States

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  • Many thanks to for our initial email list: sign up here.
  • You can also leave a message here: Wrought.


The plan is separated into the goals (sort of early mission for now), the constraints (more like things to keep in mind), and current approaches.


  • To create a creative community hacker space in the East Bay Area near San Francisco, CA, specifically in Oakland, CA.
  • Provide public interfacing and opportunities.


  • BART train access is a crucial location constraint.
  • Areas of preferred location are: Temescal, Downtown, and Lake Merritt areas of Oakland, CA.
  • There are some hackerspaces in the East Bay that focus a bit more on Maker Culture. The constraint here may be to open up to other creative areas besides robotics, fabrication, and hardware. At the very least, focus on virtual and software creativity could be useful! Existent spaces:


  • Build a community and group of members, grow our ideas together, and open a space over the next 1-2 years.
  • Create online presence and communications infrastructure
  • Hold weekly or bi-weekly meeting, salon, or meetup.
  • Collect membership dues to start building a budget.
  • Apply to relevant grants, fellowships, and various funding opportunities.