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Please add links to pages for any active projects here
Please add links to pages for any active projects here
* Door Access
* Door Access
**Outside Facing Door
**Inside Door
* Library Catalog
* Library Catalog
==Proposed Projects==
==Proposed Projects==
* Meetup hosting
* Meetup hosting

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Active Projects

Please add links to pages for any active projects here

  • Door Access
    • Intercom
    • Outside Facing Door
    • Inside Door
  • Library Catalog

Proposed Projects

  • Meetup hosting
  • Cheap, D.I.Y. sensor "throwies" (throw simple sensors like light, sound, etc so they'll stick to anything and you can measure remotely). Need to be under $20 each.
  • DNA bar-coding projects!
    • The Bay Area Dandelion Project

This is an attempt to quantify the genetic diversity of the Bay Area dandelions through three major approaches: barcoding, microsatellites, and outline-based geometric morphometrics. The lab work will have to be done at Biocurious, but collection can take place across the Bay Area. Dandelions are fascinating from both social and evolutionary angles, and this project will help build expertise and skill in the area of DNA Barcoding which can be applied to some of the projects below.

Proposed Meta Projects

  • Possibly re-implementations from labitat by Marc:
    • Magnetic-strip card ID system (use any of your the cards in your wallet as sudo room ID)!
    • Fridge food checkout debit/credit system
    • QR code (phone-scanable barcodes) system for all tools, objects in the space with the barcode linking you to the object's page on our wiki. Essentially, create a history and detailed set of documentation for all sudoroom objects.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) service for member usage.
  • Local, physical server for general mayhem and learning for anyone who comes into the space!
  • Repair Cafe services for revivifying junked items Amsterdam Example in NYTimes (sounds very similar to the FixItClinic run by iFixIt that Techliminal has been hosting?)