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I am committing up to $300 in funding to this, in an attempt to make 100 bottles as a proof of concept. I need your assistance on any of the following sub-points. To accept a task, sign your name next to the bullet item. To add commentary add it inline to the bullet item. Maximilianklein (talk) 19:46, 7 April 2013 (PDT)

Business Plan

Initial Funding: up to $300 Target Sales: $200 - $300

  • Make it.
    • Buy sufficient raw mate
      • Mate if we're aiming for ethical excellence might be Guayaki in Sebastopol [6]
      • for 50L ~ 100 bottles
        • Assuming 500ml bottles
        • We could also use 333ml bottles
    • Brew it (Morten: "Sounds fun. I'm in")
      • Will we need a vat?
(Morten: If necessary use my 15L pots and make several batches.)
        • Do we have a vat?
        • Can a metal worker at sudo make us a vat
    • Spice it if necessary
      • Following this makerzine guide[4] maybe
      • Or allow adventurous sudoer to blaze trail
Noise bridge already made something called "Sudo Pop", which is up our alley. [1]
    • Carbonate it
      • Bobby, David Wild's roommate does this
        • Ask him nicely
        • Pay him
      • Buy a soda-stream
(Morten: "I think this would be very expensive. Might be possible to use a real "carbonater" thing, I know Tom's dad has one.")
Eric the metal Worker has one I just found out Maximilianklein (talk) 22:02, 7 April 2013 (PDT)
Patrick has a sudostream, and suggests these tutorials [5]
    • Transport it too bottler
  • Bottle It. (Morten can totally be responsible for this)
    • Use as many recycled bottles as possible
      • Put call out for more bottles
        • Pay a homeless person worst comes to worse
    • Use the sudo capping machine
      • I believe its in the closet
    • Labelling
      • Rock paper scissors can do this
    • Transport it to storage
  • Store it
    • We might be able to use the sudo closet
      • Does it require refrigerated storage?
      • Do we have a refrigerator
        • Find one or many on CL Free
  • Sell it.
    • Target price $2-3/bottle depending on investment figures
    • Always at sudo, but also at specialized events
    • At Oakland Nights live
    • At an events night fundraiser
      • Sober
        • Games tournament
        • Debate
        • Hackathon
      • Mix it with alcohol
        • At a sudorave.
        • One of the planned Movie Nights
    • At art murmur.
    • online at
    • Update: Noisebridgde have pledged to buy 48 bottles per week if we get this going.

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