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Attached Computer

The printer can attach to any computer by USB, but usually it's attached to a Linux machine called "sudodesk." It runs Linux Mint which does not have much helpful software in its repos, so the desktop user "sudoer" has these installed locally:

  • slic3r (turns STL files into gcode)
  • kisslicer (alternative to slic3r)
  • pronterface (operates the printer, which accepts gcode)

You can create STL files on any machine. Some popular programs are:

You can also find STL files:


Our printer bed and z-axis are often broken & uneven. Some suggestions:

  • Move the head around - is the bed flat? Test the Z roughly with an allan wrench laid flat on the bed (it should should barely flip up), then more finely with a piece of paper (it should create a slight friction only). Test on all four corners, adjusting the screws if necessary. Sometimes the middle might even be dipped in a bow. This will make it harder to print large objects...
  • Because the bed is not heated, prints will stick. You might need to pry them off with a razor. This often tears the tape, so we need to buy more tape. Usually we use ScotchBlue #2093EL.

Repair History

This printer has a long, colorful history of repair and disrepair. Most recently, Jake got it to work and reported to the list.

Gallery of Creations

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