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= Understanding Tools =
= Overview =
There are a lot of very digital, 2D people like myself who come to [[HardwareHackNight]] at SudoRoom.
Actually working with 3 dimensional objects, wrenches, screws and Arduino electronics is so darn fun. There are so many squirrels and bright shiny objects scattered across the internet, such that digital 2D people like me run back and forth with dozens of unfinished, somewhat advanced projects without truly getting down and enjoying hardware hacking.
= Goals =
* Learn to walk before we run
* Actually understand what the tools are
* Eventually improvise so that we aren't running off elaborate tutorials
* Become true hardware hackers ! ElectronicsKits and maker gifts are nice, but there are so many tools and scrap pieces here at SudoRoom.
= Humanity =
* [[User:Romyilano|Romy]]