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A plan to control spam on the wiki. PRONTO! :) -Peteforsyth (talk) 21:15, 3 March 2013 (UTC)

Enlist some hackers. They like to show off how smart they are. Come on, dare them they can't do it! make it hackersafe.


  • hose adapter for generic sink faucet
  • another shop vac (seriously, for the CNC!)
  • power strips / extension cables (primarily 3-prong)
  • ENORMOUS trash bags
  • ergonomic chairs / more comfy chairs
  • relevant books
  • soldering irons (consider bringing one to donate for a workshop such as Workshop Weekend or Today I Learned.
  • sponges for the sink
  • nuclear fusion power
  • terabit wan
  • laser cutter
  • a PirateBox (http://wiki.daviddarts.com/PirateBox_DIY)
  • RAM for Mac Mini (c. 2005) 333 MHz PC2700 DDR SDRAM Non-ECC Unbuffered
  • [[first aid kit]] there are now two kits but other items may be needed
  • screw driver set + hex bits

Places in which to procure items

Items for sale

Free things!

  • Hint: Check out the Berkeley flatlands and residential areas around the university for great freepiles (particularly during student move-out times.) ;]

Electronics Donations

  • Sudo Room is reviewing its policy on electronics donations, and will be compiling a list of recyclable goods/costs before Wednesday, Dec. 5th. so that we can form a policy around material electronics donations, and other electronics in the space. This is still under advisement until our next meeting where it will be an agenda item, and then there may be temporary action or continued advisement. UPDATE, PLEASE!!
    • Consider:
      • Tools are ALWAYS welcome
      • Laptops, desktops, macs, pcs, etc are almost always welcome because they can be re-purposed easily.
      • Raw materials (that aren't too bulky) are almost always welcome: e.g. actual wood, aluminium, steel, wiring, etc.
        • Bulky raw materials may be handy on a case-by-case basis.
      • Printers are horrible, we can't use them (ink is proprietary and expensive) and they take up too much space.
      • Old technology can sometimes be fun, but consider when it should be seen as a relic or as spare parts.
  • Depending on the item, User:Matt is willing to facilitate donations of electronic devices, especially ones that can be used for parts, or are in working condition. If there isn't room for your donation, sudoers are likely to make room for re-usable or good stuff.