[sudo-access] adding cards to omnidoor

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Dec 10 15:52:55 PST 2015

I noticed that a bunch of people are being added to the access control 
system without any contact info.  Just a name and the name of the person 
adding them.

Is it reasonable to require an email or phone number for people who have 
access to the omni?  I suppose if the collective they're a part of is 
listed then it should be OK to just put their name..

also, when people put someone into the access database, i think they 
should either be entered with #ANNOUNCE "handle" or #OPTOUT so that we 
know whether people have been offered the announce feature or not.

presently if someone doesn't have ANNOUNCE enabled i assume that they 
haven't been offered and ask them if they will opt-into announce. 
Although that's hard if there is no contact information listed for them.


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