[sudo-access] front door card access is back!!!!!!

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Oct 7 13:35:45 PDT 2015

I should have posted last night, but anyway the front door access is 
working again.

the magnetic strip card reader is on the right side now.  When you swipe 
your card, you will hear a happy note and the door will click, and you can 
pull it open for 8 seconds.

If your card is not entered in the system or you swipe it wrong, you will 
hear a sad note, and someone from sudoroom might come investigate :)

the passive door is presently only held in place by a latch at the top.
We need to put a stick on the lower half of the door so it latches at the 
bottom too.  The panic bar mechanism has a place to pull a lower stick 
upward to release, so really all we need is a steel pole and a hole in the 
cement for it to catch in.  Who wants to do this?


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