[sudo-access] Omni front door card access restored

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Oct 19 00:04:49 PDT 2015

The magstripe card access system at the front door works again.

The problem?  It got unplugged from electricity.  It needs to be plugged 
in.  Presently it's plugged into an extension cord.

There is a backup battery in it, which can operate for a really long time, 
and as soon as it's unplugged, it starts telling us in IRC (hacker 
chatroom) and we start telling each other to plug it back in, but none of 
us are there.

This happened, and everyone in the chat was like "lol plug it back in pls" 
but it didn't happen.  Instead people came by Omni and marveled at the 
various wires in the system, thinking they must be the problem.  One 
person replaced the wires to the door, wiring them incorrectly in the 

Eventually it got plugged back into the extension cord and powered up 
again, but I had to fix the rewiring that happened while people were 
trying to fix it.  It works now.

Moral of the story:  we are going to wire the thing into the AC wiring of 
the building so this doesn't happen anymore.

If you have questions please let's discuss it on the appropriate list, 
which is:
access at lists.sudoroom.org

thank you!

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