[sudo-access] ftp entered omni @5am 2day

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Apr 5 18:43:17 PDT 2016

On Tue, 5 Apr 2016, David Keenan wrote:

> I say that only because: -  the current electronic lock system, while 
> awesome and definitely vastly improved, does not yet have a good track 
> record of reliability in the case of a power outage

The current system actually works perfectly with the caveat that the 
battery we are using is literally garbage we grabbed for the purpose.  Any 
decent 12v battery would run the system easily for 24 hours straight.

I am quite impressed with how reliable the system has been, and I have 
even done things to make it more robust a while ago, so once we get a 
decent battery I don't think we have to worry about it any more.

> - Im not sure what the backup option is should the electronic lock fail 
> with no other way to open the door. Ie, in the case of a typical 
> non-electronic keyed lock, a locksmith / hacker can be called upon to 
> pick it open. I guess my question would be, what is the equivalent 
> backup means of entry for the electronic lock, short of breaking down 
> the door etc?

I think you can open the front door with a flat piece of metal if you 
angle it right.  Also, I think we are quickly headed toward replacing the 
lock cylinder with a new key, which cannot be left in the unlocked 

> Also Jake, in the event that the battery for the electronic lock fails, 
> it should probably fail the lock into an open, not locked, 
> position, which might help things. Is this something you can set up on 
> that lock?

there is no way to do this, since the electric latch release requires 
electricity to activate, and defaults to the "locked" position.

the obvious solution is to have a decent battery.  Marc has asked for a 
link to such a battery and will purchase one as soon as I send the link, 
which will be shortly after I measure the container the battery needs to 
fit inside of, tonight.


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