[sudo-access] Keycard access for new omni office?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Nov 2 21:18:36 PDT 2016

we probably want to switch to RFID tags instead of magnetic stripe cards,
in which case we need to carefully choose a good RFID reader of the right kind.

fortunately this has basically already been done at Noisebridge to some extent,
as seen in this repository:


the hardware they chose is seen here:


tragically, their high-level software is in go:


so we'll probably continue using doorjam, which is in node and has been working
well enough for a while now on the front door, and i'm able to maintain that.

i guess the only question is, do we make the new door use RFID tags only, and
add an RFID reader to the front door, and then gradually phase out RFID?

and that giant box of RFID watches that we have... do they work on these types
of readers?  that's something we need to find out.

basically, you should order a couple of these:

and we will start playing with it to make something work.

In the meantime, we already have at least two electrically-operated door
strikes, that look SORT OF like this:

you can install one in the door you're talking about and get it working
physically, and then we'll be much closer to finishing the whole job.


On Wed, 2 Nov 2016, David Keenan wrote:

> Hi Haje and Marc,
> I wanted to spearhead keycard access for the new omni office
> (ex-'treatmenent room', near TIL.) Plumbing improvements are scheduled for
> CCL, and Phat Beets will need to revamp to the Omni office temporarily
> while concrete saws have at it in their current office, in order to
> connectbup CCL's drain.
> How might we best go about adding keycard access to another room, and how
> can I help? I am happy to order and install as much as I can, as long as I
> have a shopping list.
> Dk

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