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Thu Oct 5 14:28:11 PDT 2017

Greetings meshers,

Am posting this off-list as there are ~250 people on the sudomesh mailing
list and many of them will likely be competing for the same grant. Also, I
made a mailing list for Disaster Radio folks
<https://sudoroom.org/lists/listinfo/disasterradio> as a supplement to
#disasterradio channel in Patchwork. Those who were on the conference call
last month have already been added, but feel free to join if you'd like.
Also started a hackpad for the Peoples Open Network submission
plz add to it!

Timeline for the NSF/Mozilla WINS grant below, followed by action items
(plz read those if you intend to participate in either the Disaster Radio
or People's Open submissions):

*Intent to Apply (Oct 15th):*
I checked back on the 'Intent to Apply' form, which is due *October 15th*,
and noted that the only info they required was a contact name, org name,
org status, and which challenge the org is applying for - 'Both' is an
option, and I'm 100% confident that's what I submitted back in August.
According to the challenge rules, "Teams may submit Submissions to both
Challenges and may submit more than one Submission per Challenge." So we're
good on the Intent to Apply for both People's Open and Disaster Radio.

*1023 Nonprofit Application (mid-October):*
The next deadline is self-imposed, and that's getting Sudo Mesh's 501c3
application in the mail ASAP - I am hoping by early next week, but may be
the following week since I'd like Jesse to review it and sign the Power of
Attorney form. It only took the IRS ~2-3 months to send both Omni's and
Sudo's exemption letters, so hopefully we'd get ours by January, when the
Stage 1 prizes are announced. I'll include a letter for expedited treatment
in the application, which lives currently in the Sudo Mesh google drive and
is nearly complete:

*Design Concept Submission (Nov. 15):*
All submissions must first apply to the Design Concept Stage, for which we
need to submit mockups, hardware & network diagrams, and written
documentation. Prizes (for $60K, $40K, $30K, and $10K[x7]) and projects
eligible to move on to the Working Prototype Stage will be announced
in *January

*Working Prototype Submission (June 22):*
If Mozilla deems our submission(s) eligible, we then need to submit working
proofs-of-concept by *June 22, 2018*. For this they suggest the following
forms of documentation: Network test data, Video demos, Photographic
documentation, Software code, and Hardware schematics. "Finalists during
the Working Prototype Stage may be required to provide live demos for
judges and/or a public audience at a Challenges Showcase in *Summer 2018*."

*"Prizes will be announced in or around August 2018. Finalists during the
Working Prototype Stage may be required to provide live demos for judges
and/or a public audience at a Challenges Showcase in Summer 2018."*

*Action Items:*
1. Define teams: While we have a defined team for the Disaster Radio
project (for which we're applying to the Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge
<https://wirelesschallenge.mozilla.org/_assets/NSF-OffTheGrid.pdf>), we
need to define a team for submission for the People's Open Network (for
which we're applying to the Smart Community Networks Challenge
Let's discuss who wants to participate in the PON team at next Tuesday's
meeting. Any participant can be on multiple teams. I started a hackpad for
the PON submission here:

2. Choose Team Leaders: Both projects will also need to consent to someone
who can serve as the Team Leader, essentially the point of contact between
Mozilla and the project. This is ideally someone highly responsive to
emails, organized and able to stay on top of the various elements of the
submissions. Happy to play this role for either or both, and can think of a
number of folks who'd make excellent points of contact - just think it over
and volunteer if you have the spoons!

3. Sudo Mesh board members - namely *Jake, Lesley, Marc, Andrew, and
Jorritt* - please write up 1-2 sentences describing your 'qualifications'
(eg degrees, work experience, notable projects) into the spreadsheet I sent
you yesterday
- it's a requirement of the 1023 application.

4. Everyone working on the grant team(s) should read through the Application
Submission Guide
<https://assets.mofoprod.net/nsf/NSFWINSapplicationguide.pdf> to get a
sense of what kind of questions we need to respond to and documentation
we'll need to write up. Consider your strengths and interests and what role
you'd like to play - code dev, written documentation, use cases / user
stories, design, website, some combo of the above, etc. We've already
sorted roles for Disaster Radio - but *add yourself here if you'd like to
work on the Peoples Open submission as well:*

I'll propose we sesh on the Peoples Open grant submission as a breakout
session for next Tuesday's meeting and see if folks are down to have an
extended hackathon on it sometime in the next two weeks.

And a reminder that Disaster Radio hacks on Monday evenings and to register
for Science Hack Day
for the weekend after this!


Help open a people-powered common space in Oakland, California!

"Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories."
-Laurie Anderson

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."
 -Hannah Arendt

"To define is to kill. To suggest is to create."
-Stéphane Mallarmé
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