[DisasterRadio] Hi, I just joined the list.

John Draper jdcrunchman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 10:03:46 PDT 2019

I'm trying to secure about 3 disaster.radio LoRa devices to field test at
the upcoming Burning man festival.    The area us huge,  and normal walkie
talkies can only cover 1/4th the distance.

Does anyone know if anyone is planning to attend this event.

My intention is to log the field tests via video.
Several of my friends are loaning theirs to me for running field tests to
determine how well they work over a 5 km area.

I haven't seen anywhere where I can buy them,  or even know how much they

Contact me directly at jdcrunchman at gmail dot com if you have any leads
on where I can get a few of them.    Time is running short,  the event is
only a few weeks away.

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