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Can I please be unsubscribed? 
This address and Mix at protozoa.nz 

On Mon, 9 Aug 2021, at 3:36 AM, Jenny Ryan wrote:
> My apologies - I was not seeing moderator requests in my inbox and just allowed several old emails through.
> As an update to members on this list, the project has been largely in hibernation since the pandemic began, though I believe some improvements have been made to the board by Fitz.
> All - the disaster.radio team is a small crew and would hugely benefit from new folks stepping into the project :) I have largely been in a communications support role wrt disaster.radio, and I apologize for the lack of presence in the IRC channel - there has been a shift to libera.chat from Freenode and Sudo Mesh / Disaster.Radio have yet to make the transition in full (I've personally had difficulties logging in since I first made the switch and registered my nicks [tunabananas and jnny] a few weeks ago).
> Love and solidarity
> Jenny
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