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Mitra Ardron mitra at mitra.biz
Sun Aug 8 15:21:18 PDT 2021

Angus - interested to hear what you are doing, and who you've pitched 
("Australia" isn't an entity you can pitch to).

I'm in the Northern Rivers NSW, involved with resiliance etc up here, we 
are looking for something to allow for communication when power and cell 
may be out, I saw Disaster Radio a few years ago when Jenny showed it to 
me, but its unclear if its got any closer to being something we could 
use without a geek at every site.

- Mitra

On 20/5/20 10:59 pm, Angus Carson wrote:
> Hey team! Love your work. Im really interested in getting in touch 
> with you guys to let you know we have pitched your idea to Australia! 
> But with a twist that i think you guys will absolutely love.
> Please feel free to contact me on signal or whatsapp anytime on 
> 0400807942. This pitchis going to be huge. Its all about how we 
> respond "whole of government" to a disaster. How do we power your 
> disaster radio with AI.
> Regards
> Carso
> Angus Carson
> Mob: 0400 807 942
> Email: Angus.carson1994 at gmail.com
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