[DisasterRadio] Porting to Cortex M4?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Wed Oct 13 08:58:25 PDT 2021

sam at bristolwireless.net writes:

>  Hi All
> Seedstudio got in touch, they would give us some free dev boards if
> anyone fancied porting disaster radio to their Cortex M4? I don't know
> much about them. Would they be more power efficent than the ESP32?

Interesting board/question.


That URL doesn't work, but:


This seems to be a single module that has

  CPU (Cortex M4, low power ARM)

but it does not have BLE or wifi.   The board that is sort of nodemcu
sized looks interesting, and it's nice it has an SMA connector for Lora.

The ESP32 has an ARM but it is some Xtensa variant.  And it has

So the new part from seeed is not a direct replaement, as to get a
device to function as it does now, you'd have to add wifi or bluetooth.
As I understand it, the big power draw is running wifi, and I am
guessing also having the lora receiver enabled.

I think this part could be used to make a lora-only relay station with
no local BLE/WIFI access.  It would be good for the code base to be
buildable for as many devices as possible, in terms of forcing
portability on it by adding support.  If it's really easy, that comment
is misplaced :-)

Keep in mind that I am a disaster.radio.newbie so I may have gotten
something wrong.
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