[sudo-discuss] computer inventory info + inventory/install day

Marina Kukso marina.kukso at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 23:21:03 PDT 2013

hi everyone,

we have so many computers, but also not enough workstations (most notably,
the computer that was part of the 3D printing station has been fried :C).

i'm afraid that i'm ignorant of which computers in the closet and around
the space are functional (a few are labeled, but most of them aren't).
hilary and i had the pleasure of finding a working computer this weekend,
and we are interested in finding more.

if any of you know which computers are functional and which aren't, we
would love to do an inventory with you.

if no one quite has a handle on this info, would folks be interested in
doing an inventory day? inventory + install day part 2?

- marina

ps - if you'd like to participate in an inventory + install day, please let
us know what date(s)/time(s) would be good for you.
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