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Jenny Ryan tunabananas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 01:00:25 PST 2018

agreed with laura 100%. given previous threats of physical violence to sudo
room members (which i personally witnessed), non-consensus on there not
being a signed agreement (which i also experienced the consenso of
in-person) and lack of clarity on next steps & future accountability, i am
blocking this proposal on behalf of sudo room until the aforementioned
issues are addressed and actually consented-upon. cc'ing sudo-discuss.

On Feb 6, 2018 1:41 AM, "Laura Turiano" <scylla at riseup.net> wrote:

> Thank you, Joe, for correcting your information.
> I still strongly oppose ZRW being allowed back into the Omni without a
> written agreement signed by him that he understands and will comply with
> Omni community agreements, and that he understands that he will be banned
> again if he does not. Also, the delegates need to agree on the outcome of
> the mediation, which was supposed to be between Omni and ZRW. It needs to
> be written so that ZRW can't say that somebody in the mediation said it was
> ok for him to do something that isn't actually ok.
> The mediation I participated in at Seeds on an unrelated matter ended with
> a written agreement between the parties, and my understanding from that was
> that it is a standard practice.
> Since the delegates haven't agreed to a written agreement coming out of
> the mediation, ZRW should not be given a key. He has already requested one.
> Joe, in response to your last paragraph. ZRW does need some community
> based help. It might be good for him to be a part of the Omni community if
> he can abide by our community agreements. However, it is not Omni's
> responsibility to get him that help. Any Omni member or members who wants
> to do that can just do it on their own.
> L
> On 2/3/18 6:24 PM, joseph liesner wrote:
>> I jumped to soon Thursday night, when I heard that our Mediation
>> (ZRW and me, sort of) was deemed and documented "Complete".
>> I had heard nada about any of this (I did leave the Mediation about
>> 10 min. early) so I blurted out something (that ZRW had slashed a
>> friend's tires) that was confirmed only by my friend's son.  ZRW
>> has done NO SUCH THING. I apologize to all especially ZRW.
>> Of course this leaves me more able to let go of what I thought was a non-
>> mediation.  I hope we can offer ZRW a place in our community that will
>> nurture peace and growth in all of us. I hope we all realize that this is
>> a
>> community size endeavor.
>>  I have been trying since FNB came into OOC to protect OOC
>> from things like ZRW has done in the past. I had to find a standard with
>> which to guide that job. Perhaps I played it too hard.
>> I salute BAPS for reaching out to ZRW.
>> Finally, I'd like to say ZRW's "completion" of Mediation and
>> then membership in BAPS, and therefore Omni Commons, happened
>> too fast for me to be informed.
>> Laura: It makes practical, emotional, and responsible to ask ZRW to sign
>> an agreement with the destructive past he has blazed.  However the most
>> recent person to have offered his computer for Zrw to work at, has pleaded
>> to me, that ZRW needs several kinds of community baed help and OC
>> as a community resource would do well to take on that responsibility.
>> Be Well, All
>> joe
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