[sudo-discuss] omni wifi going up and down constantly

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Feb 7 00:52:46 PST 2018

my wifi connection to Omni Commons wifi keeps going up and down every few
minutes, and it's annoying.

i thought it was just me and my crappy laptop.  when it first started
happening, it was right when sudoroom (and the whole omni) got a new router
computer.  we kept the old one around because it's still running things, and
it's the computer where people can run whatever projects around sudoroom (like
the Laser Printer access page at ) without worrying about
messing up the router.

today I forgot my laptop power adaptor so i've been using a random laptop
booted off of a USB stick, and it's doing the exact same thing!

do we have a rogue DHCP server or something?  I have heard other people
complain that the same thing is happening to them too.


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